The past two weeks have seen a number of significant battles in the Northern conflict. These are documented individually below. The general picture painted is that GOTG is holding the line – but taking heavy losses in the process.

We have also seen NC/PL more heavily intervene; their supercapitals feature more prominently now. This is likely to only increase as PL abandons Providence.

Lastly, Imperium bombers have proven particularly effective over the past two weeks. Whether this trend is set to continue, however, is more uncertain.

Battle in X-7OMQ – Imperium Astra Down

On May 1st, Imperium and GOTG forces clashed in X-7O over the last timer of an Imperium Astrahaus. The Imperium brought 168 pilots in Ishtars versus 245 GOTG pilots in a Loki doctrine fleet.

By all accounts, it was a relatively even brawl due to the use of tracking disruptors by Imperium Ishtars. It appeared that GOTG was starting to lose the action.

This risk was brought to a swift end by the deployment of NCdot supers which prompted the Imperium fleet to disengage and allowing NCdot to destroy the Astrahaus.

Skirmish in DO6H-Q – Black Legion Fights GOTG

The mercenary contract between Black Legion… and GOTG looked a little shaky on May 2nd. A 32-ship Black Legion Muninn fleet entered in DO6 and started firing on a Goonswarm Astrahaus. A small GOTG Raven fleet joined them.

However, Black Legion… swiftly turned upon the Raven fleet, killing many of their command destroyers, despite GOTG being their hirers at this point. A Pandemic Legion super force was cynoed in to respond, but the Black Legion… force escaped with minimal losses. PL lost a handful of tackle ships trying to stop them. With Black Legion… having fled, the PL force finished destroying the Goonswarm Astrahaus.

Total losses stand at 105m for Black Legion and 1.01bn for GOTG/PL. Given the small scale of these losses, it is highly unlikely that the present contract will be affected.

Action in 4-ABS8

On May 5th, there was a complicated battle across a constellation in Pure Blind, with most main activity in the system of 4-ABS8. The Imperium brought dreadnoughts, a Tempest fleet, and an Ishtar fleet – totaling 291 pilots. They were met by a combined NCdot/GOTG super and capital fleet, accompanied by a Loki and an Eagle fleet.

The battle began when 60 The Initiative. Ishtars attacked Mordus Angels infrastructure in 4-ABS8. They were driven away by a 120-man GOTG Eagle fleet. A pincer move between the Ishtars and Space Violence Tempests destroyed the Eagle fleet prompting a capital and supercapital escalation from GOTG. The Imperium met the escalation with a dreadbomb. The battle ended with the arrival of a large NCdot Titan force.

Imperium losses stand at 86.75bn ISK whereas Northern losses are 108.29bn ISK.

Imperium Bombers over ROIR-Y, Heavy GOTG Losses

On May 6th, there was an armor timer on a Chaos Theory. Fortizar in ROIR-Y. GOTG deployed a ~75 pilot Eagle fleet to defend it. However, when they bridged in, they were met with a bombing run from pre-positioned Initiative. ships. This killed about 19bn ISK of Eagles, decimating the fleet.

The remaining Eagles held tether on the Fortizar and called for reinforcements. The Initiative. bombers, meanwhile, were reinforced by Ishtars from Space Violence. The GOTG Eagles fell back to the neighboring system of C8-CHY to receive their reinforcement fleet, bridged from their staging in DO6H.

After this brief lapse in the fighting, action resumed between the Space Violence Ishtars and GOTG Eagles on the ROIR-Y in-gate from C8-. This resulted in a stalemate. With the Ishtars swiftly disengaging, the GOTG fleet returned to the Fortizar but met two waves of bombs. The first wave was inconclusive due to the Eagles using their Assault Damage Controls. The second wave launched before these modules could be used again, and inflicted heavy losses.

After this bombing destroyed the fighting power of the GOTG fleet, they left the field. Space Violence, The Initiative. and a newly deployed AUTZ SIG – Space Convicts – proceeded to reinforce the Fortizar.

Imperium losses stand at 7.45bn ISK versus 59.09bn ISK lost by GOTG.

GOTG Fortizar Down in X-7OMQ

A Guardians of the Galaxy Fortizar was destroyed by the Imperium on May 9th in the system of X-7OMQ. The action started with an Imperium Ishtar/Hurricane fleet attacking the Fortizar, getting it down to 35% hull. Imperium forces numbered 265. Total Northern ships figured at 227.

With hull getting low, this prompted the deployment of 20 GOTG carriers, with a few FAXes for support. Their impact was minimal, and GOTG supercapitals were needed to reinforce their numbers. Despite inflicting significant damage on the Imperium Hurricanes, the Ishtars signature-tanked effectively and avoided destruction. This allowed them to keep up the pressure on the Fortizar.

At 8% hull, NC also deployed a supercapital fleet to the field but met with minimal success. Shortly afterward, the Imperium destroyed the Fortizar. It appears that this action was an attempt to bait out an Imperium dreadnought fleet, and then kill it with the pre-staged supercapital force. This attempt was not successful.

Total losses stand at 8.5bn for Imperium versus 13bn for GOTG/NC.

NCdot Fortizar Saved in X-7OMQ; GOTG Eagles Take Heavy Losses

On May 11th, the Imperium and a combined Northern force faced off over an NCdot Fortizar armor timer in X-7OMQ. The Imperium deployed 164 pilots, mainly in Rokhs and bombers versus a 322 pilot northern force comprised of supercarriers, Eagles, and assorted assault frigates.

The action began with the Rokhs engaging the Fortizar from range. In the tested Initiative. style, they used command destroyers to jump around the grid. GOTG sub-capitals, anchored on the Fortizar, could not fight the sniper-fit Rokhs.  

Shortly after this, NC/PL deployed supercarriers onto the Fortizar. Staying within tether range, they sent fighters to drive the Rokhs off. This strategy was successful, and the Fortizar began to repair.

With the Fortizar safe, northern command looked to go on the offensive. After spotting an isolated ship, the GOTG Eagle fleet warped onto it. The apparent easy kill was a trap. A combination of Imperium bombers and smartbombing Lokis nearly destroyed the Eagle fleet. Despite this reverse, the Fortizar ended its repair timer successfully and all fleets withdrew from the field.

Total losses stand at 4.39bn ISK for the Imperium, versus 43.87bn ISK for GOTG. 

AUTZ Brawl in Pure Blind; Moderate Imperium Entosis Success 

On May 12th, there was a complicated brawl across 7 systems in Pure Blind. The Imperium deployed 234 pilots, in a mix of Lokis, Retributions and Ishtars. GOTG deployed 339 pilots, comprising an Eagle fleet and a mixed carrier/supercarrier fleet.

The action began in 3V8-LJ, with a clash between Imperium Ishtars and GOTG Eagles. This saw losses on both sides. GOTG dropped carriers, but the Imperium Retribution fleet inflicted significant damage on the fighters. Downtine ended this particular brawl.

A DARKNESS. Thanatos was isolated from GOTG and destroyed in 3V8. Combat erupted in 3V8 again, with Imperium Ishtars trading blows with GOTG Eagles. Once again, Imperium Retributions inflicted significant damage on GOTG carrier fighter wings.

GOTG escalated by dropping supercarriers, leading to Imperium forces scattering. However, the GOTG Eagles were retained to defend the supercarriers. This meant that they could not influence the Fozziesov hacking.

GOTG and the Imperium clashed inconclusively one last time. During the course of this overall engagement, hackers from both sides were active. The Imperium gradually won out in this and accomplished their objective. Shortly afterwards, they withdrew.

Total losses stand at 22.17 billion for the Imperium, and 23.45 billion for GOTG.

Heavy CO2 Losses in X-7OMU 

On May 15th, CO2 and Imperium forces clashed in the system of X-7OMU. The objective was to defend the armour timer of an Imperium Raitaru in X-7O.

The Imperium was represented by a 128-man fleet in Tempests from the Space Violence group. CO2 deployed 143 pilots in Zealots against them.

The fight began with Space Violence warping at zero to the CO2 Zealots, which had taken up station to attack the Raitaru. This was enabled due to the lack of defensive bubbling by the CO2 fleet. This first round of the fight saw CO2 unable to break the tank of the Space Violence Tempests. After significant losses, they retreated to reship.

Space Violence disengaged briefly to resupply. On return to the Raitaru grid, the CO2 Zealots were already present and had defensively bubbled. Space Violence, by warping to a wreck above and behind the CO2 fleet, avoided these bubbles.

They then warped down to the CO2 Zealots at zero. A brief action ensued before CO2 managed to extract most of their fleet. Some stragglers drew the attention of Space Violence, while CO2 reinforced the Raitaru.