For the sake of brevity, this article uses ‘United Crusade,’ to refer to the combined TRI/Winter/V0LTA/Skill/LUMPY/Red Menace forces fighting the DRF. This term is authorial shorthand only and has no official status. 

This article is your weekly update on the ongoing conflict between the United Crusade and the Drone Region Federation.

UC versus DRF in Supercapital Fight in LVL

On the 7th of May, United Crusade (UC) forces fought an inconclusive battle with the DRF over a DRF Fortizar armor timer in LVL-GZ. The UC force was comprised of 380 pilots, mainly from TRI, with 16 titans supported by large numbers of supers, carriers, and dreadnoughts. DRF fielded 336 pilots, primarily in supercarriers and dreadnoughts.

The action began with the UC cynoing onto the grid with the Fortizar. The DRF attempted to cyno on top of the UC fleet, but UC destroyed their cyno-fit Maller that DRF were using. They then cynoed their fleet onto their Fortizar and warped piece-meal towards the UC.

UC forced the initial DRF sortie back, so they opted to return to the Fortizar. At that point, the battle became a matter for the carriers. Both sides sent waves of fighters against the other. Unfortunately for the UC, their carrier pilots experienced numerous disconnections and socket closures.

The weak connection meant that they ultimately lost the fighter war, and the Fortizar repaired itself. Both sides claim victory, with the UC having won the ISK war, and the DRF having won the objective. Total losses stand at 270bn for the UC versus 368.2bn for the DRF.

Ranger Regiment Leaving Winter Coalition for GOTG

On the 16th of May, it was announced by the Winter Coalition that Ranger Regiment – a member alliance – would be joining Guardians of the Galaxy. This merger is planned to take place after the May patch.

This decision is apparently consensual with other members of the Winter Coalition. Ranger Regiment plans to transfer sovereignty and some structures to Fraternity They will remain blue to each other and plan to attend each other’s timers.

XIX Potentially to Join Legacy Coalition

On the 19th of May, The Mittani announced on the Meta Show that XiX intends to join Legacy Coalition. He noted that XiX plans to settle in Impass following eviction from Insmother. It will then be under the direct protection of Legacy Coalition.

This information has yet to be verified by other sources but does not appear unlikely.

XIX Keepstar in Final Reinforce; Alliance Retreat Imminent

At 1331 EVE on the 20th of May, XiX’s staging Keepstar in 88A-RA was put into final reinforce by United Crusade forces. Opposition to the UC in this effort was minimal, with only a handful of DRF pilots undocking to fight.

New Eden Report understands that XiX will hold an alliance meeting at 1500 EVE today. This meeting will be followed by a full retreat, potentially to Impass. Full details are yet to emerge.

New Eden Report will keep you updated as the situation progresses.


Featured image credit: Razorien