Mordus Angel Defections

Yesterday evening, a director turned defector sabotaged Mordus Angels’, a Guardians of the Galaxy alliance member, jump bridge network across the region of Pure Blind.

Jump bridges are part of any extensive alliance’s infrastructure, as they allow movement of ships between bridges across multiple star systems, and take quite some time to individually configure and set up. It is likely at the time of this article being published that the jump bridge infrastructure may be back online or well into the process of being put back online.

While not as notable as previous defections due to its comparatively smaller scale, it still provides an opportunity to look at defections and how they work. Previously, MOA corp Angels and Devils moved to the Imperium, also sabotaging the same jump bridge network on their way out. In addition, they allegedly stole 300 billion ISK in assets from their now former alliance.

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A sabotaged jump bridge sits anchored, but offline, above a MOA POS in Pure Blind.

The Interview

I reached out to MOA leadership to get a statement or interview, but that proved unsuccessful as they declined to comment.
However, I managed to speak to hyprviper1 from Goonswarm’s intelligence team, Black Hand. The interview was edited for clarification, formatting, and grammar. If you would like to read the raw logs, click here. These are his words and are not necessarily representative of New Eden Report, or me:


Can the sabotage be attributed to Goonswarm’s Black Hand?


Yes, I’m one of the senior Black Hand handlers.


What is the full scope of the damage dealt/assets stolen or destroyed?


As this is the second time I had someone steal from the same location, things were a bit depleted. As a result, there wasn’t a  ton of stuff this time around. There’s maybe 5bil in stuff stolen, but they now have to spend hours onlining everything back up again.

It’s a recurring theme that MOA has problems dealing with their membership. The person that recently did the damage was pissed off that one of the corps threatened his family on comms, supposedly.

The fact that they keep on bleeding defectors that are burning things on their way out is a pretty big reflection on MOA leadership.


So, you think there’ll still continue to be defectors after this?


Of course.


Are you able to give much insight into how the defection process works?


It’s nothing crazy. Either I approach people or they approach me. I listen to them about what they want, and what their grievances are, and go from there.

I’ll see if there is an agreement we can come to that is amicable to both sides and go from there. Everything is always confidential when they talk to me and I  am bound by any agreements I’m a part of.


Once a defector agrees to work with you, where does he go from there? What sort of priority do you put ISK, structures, and infrastructure in, as far as sabotage goes?


It depends on what the person who wants to defect would like to do. If they want to get out right away we work with the roles and position the person has. If the person wants to do more damage and has the time, we have them work up the ranks to make the damage even more severe.


So, right now, there could be defectors waiting to sabotage GOTG?


All I will say to that is that the Black Hand is everywhere yet nowhere.



If you have any further information on the things mentioned in this article or a MOA pilot who can give some perspective on the recent defections, please contact me at Curt#8110 or join the New Eden Report discord, to have your voice heard.


Featured image credit: Razorien