GOTG Restages to WLF-D3

On the 17th of May, it was announced that Guardians of the Galaxy was carrying out a full coalition redeployment. On the 18th, the location was revealed – WLF-D3, in Venal. Move fleets started shortly afterwards.

This is not a retreat for GOTG. Rather, it is a response to Imperium action. The Imperium has moved the bulk of its forces to strike at Branch and Tenal. This is a way for it to target GOTG krabs which have previously been unaffected by the conflict – contained as it was to Pure Blind and Deklein.

Interestingly, Tenal also contains Pandemic Legion renters. With the Providence conflict coming to a close, this may draw more PL forces north.

Two GOTG Titans Down; Sort Dragon A Casualty

On the 20th of May, there was an engagement in the systems of WLF-D3 and DKUK-G. This was part of the aforementioned GOTG restaging. Due to a quirk of stellar geography, it requires only one gate to move between the systems – but three capital jumps to do so without the gate. This renders the DKUK-G to WLF-D3 gate a natural chokepoint.

Imperium scouts identified a GOTG move fleet forming on the 20th and arranged an ambush. They did this by logging off interdictors in WLF, and a bridge titan somewhere else in Venal.

When the GOTG move fleet took the gate into WLF, the Imperium logged in their interdictors and bubbled the gate. They also lit a cyno, letting a cyno-fit dreadnought jump in. This secondary cyno let Imperium dreadnoughts jump and Ishtars bridge into the system.

From there, they engaged the GOTG fleet – first killing an Erebus titan, then an Aeon supercarrier. The fight was not, however, entirely one-sided; the Imperium did also take losses. As this was going on, they sent an interdictor through to DKUK. It bubbled the gate in that system, preventing reinforcements from easily reaching the embattled GOTG force.

At this time, Sort Dragon – the head of the GOTG – warped his titan to the WLF gate in DKUK. Unfortunately for him, it got stuck in the warp disruption bubble. Upon hearing this, the Imperium quickly pushed dreadnoughts and Ishtars through the gate to kill him.

The Imperium was driven off by an escalating supercapital response by GOTG. The toll stands at 56.24bn lost by the Imperium vs 235.07bn lost by GOTG.

Kenshin Director Defection; Further Doxxing Drama

At around 2300 EVE on May 16th, Kenshin director jakamo defected to the Imperium. He took a number of ships and BPOs with him. He also transferred 9 Athanor citadels to the West Bistot Baptist Church, a structure holding corp for the Imperium.

It also appears that the Kenshin leaders attempted to get members kicked for doxxing back into the corp. Notable in this effort was Vlade Randal, the now resigned CEO of Kenshin. You can read more from Vlade here. However, when Sort Dragon was made aware of this, he responded by robustly denouncing Vlade and forbidding the process.

This was laid out in a now-removed post on /r/Eve made by Sort. This post was removed because Sort Dragon also included a picture of a package he had been sent, which was the product of doxxing. This picture contained personally identifying information resulting in Sort Dragon being banned from posting on r/eve.

Mordus Angels Director Defection; Jump Bridge Network Down

On the 21st, a Mordus Angels director defected to the Imperium. As Mordus Angels has previously had defectors, the haul was very small – 5bn ISK total. The director also off-lined the MOA jump-bridge network. However, an NER rapporteur at the scene reported that these jump bridges were swiftly put back online. You can read more about this story, including an interview with a senior Black Hand handler, here.


Featured image credit: Razorien