This article is part of a series of interviews with Kenshin members, defectors, and other associated individuals. Previously we talked to former CEO Vlade Randal. Click here to read that.

Over the course of the current conflict in the North much controversy has surrounded a particular Darkness corporation, Kenshin. Beginning with the high-profile defection of one of its directors, (who stole several corporation assets including an unanchored Keepstar) Kenshin members have since been involved in several different instances of doxxing this director. Now former Kenshin CEO Vlade Randal finds himself alienated from Guardians of the Galaxy Executor Sort Dragon because of their respective attempts to deal with the matter and external pressure from commenters primarily on /r/eve.

Just recently, another director-level defection occurred, prompting further controversy with the revelation of the aforementioned high tensions between Vlade and Sort. Also uncovered were Vlade’s attempts to bring back some members involved with the doxxing effort after only a brief period had expired.

Despite all the conversation surrounding these events, very little has been spoken by the defectors themselves, so I sought out Jakamo, the most recent director to defect, to hear his experience first-hand. This interview has been heavily edited for formatting, clarification, and grammar. If you would like to read the raw logs, click here. These are Jakamo’s thoughts and opinions, and are not necessarily reflective of mine or New Eden Report’s.



You’re the director which just defected from Kenshin right? I’m currently putting together some interview pieces and I was hoping one of them would be yours?


Yes, that is me. I’m a little sad to hear, but not surprised, that Kenshin is telling their people nothing happened. Now I know why I was always told to stay off of Reddit.


Were you told to stay off Reddit? Does that go for everyone in Darkness/GOTG?


Well, they should hope people do not go there, but it was a Kenshin thing. They mostly screamed on TeamSpeak: “Just stay off there! It’s cancer.” Yeah, I had never gotten into Reddit.

Don’t get me wrong, Kenshin was great to its people for the longest time until Vlade started bending the knee to Sort for anything. I get following a leader loyally, but when you talk about how awful he is and how he hates you, and the corp, come on.


Vlade thinks Sort is awful?


Yes, he does. Sort only put up with Vlade because he lived on one of the other director’s couch for a year.


What was the atmosphere like among leadership, particularly in the run-up to your decision to leave?


Darkness leadership despised Kenshin but respected and needed them to be present due to the force they brought on Australian time zone


What about among Kenshin. Leadership?


The Aussie leaders always had their own circle.


But not US or EU? Were they excluded?

There was one EU director, but he was more of a Discord director than anything. He did some nullsec logistics and POS work or bridge fueling.

As far as US TZ directors were concerned, it was just me and this other guy had gone dormant when Vlade made Val a director with no vote.


I can say one thing about all the shit you hear about Goons and how they are shit for people, they sent 4 strangers to help me extract my supers. On the other hand, GOTG would have said “Wait let us organize it” and it would have fallen to shit. Goons flew 40+ jumps. Asher threw caps at them on the other side while we moved my supers. I mean, that doesn’t come from anyone. Some would have stolen it to deal a blow to GOTG.

I was in BoB. Goons took my space and my home from me years ago, so to turn to them was scary and added to the thrill. However, all my supers were returned within hours

The same love I felt from bros in Kenshin in the lower ranks, Goons matched that 10 fold. Now Kenshin members are reaching out to me asking why I didn’t take them. I felt the love from both sides.


I don’t hate the military in GOTG; they are dudes trying to find some good fun in a game. The leadership, though? They need some work on how to lead, how to love, and how to appreciate folk. There’s no super ratting, no save fleets, and there’s no mining in colossal without 10 plus Rorquals.

I mean you can only control so much in a video game and how people play it. Goons understand this. They like to see their folks have fun. Have you heard their comms? They don’t tell people to STFU.

The comms in GOTG were so “STFU and wait”. It got old. Then to be treated that way by uppers in a director chat… I just stayed silent and flew my jump freighter. I learned by watching others get axed off the block because they voiced their opinion in a sacred channel just for that!

I decided GOTG was not the game I wanted to log into every day, so I will enjoy some missions or local chatter in Jita, and maybe find a different avenue of the game. Not making folks feel bad about logging in to have some fun.


How widespread was doxxing among Kenshin?


3 people did it. I never knew what it was until this incident. The last big theft they had, before my time, was a jump freighter of Vlade or something, and I can’t imagine what happened then.

The doxxing was laughed at, and Woodbine, the toon that was a violator, he convoed me a few days before I turned, saying its a new toon and Vlade okayed him to come back. Looking at directors chat I noticed they did allow him back in. However, I did not feel comfortable accepting that app, so I ignored the message.

He said I was the only director available, and requested/demanded I accept. I acted as though I was AFK and went to bed cloaked and didn’t log in until downtime.

It was not cool. This is a real person’s life. Although this is a game and there is a real person behind the screen, you don’t do that as a human being.

Even if CCP, and the community, didn’t have the “no doxxing” rule in place, I wouldn’t do it just because I’m a decent human being and don’t wish harm or ill will upon others.

For instance, the leaders of Goons and Pandemic Legion, when they see each other at Fanfest, and other events, they don’t brawl, they laugh, smile, and enjoy the aspect the game brings to the occasion.


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