Battle in C-L; Heavy XIX Losses

On the 20th of May XiX attempted to evacuate from the besieged region of Insmother. Their move fleet ran into a trap, triggering one of the bloodiest battles in EVE history. Total losses stand at 2917.28 billion ISK lost by DRF/TEST vs 570.6 billion ISK lost by TRI and their allies.

For more detailed coverage of the battle, watch the video below, or go here to see our dedicated article on it.

XiX Keepstar Destroyed

On the 24th of May, the XiX staging Keepstar in 88A-RA was destroyed. With the XiX super-fleet broken at C-L, there was no real resistance. A handful of Fraternity sub-capitals were killed by the lone Keepstar gunner, but this did not stop the attack. At 1404 EVE, the structure exploded – a fitting bookmark to the 10 Month War.

Prothean Alliance Faces Defeat

In the ongoing collapse of the DRF, Prothean Alliance has been the one bastion yet to break. However, the point of collapse appears to be fast approaching. Over the past two weeks, its territory has shrunk dramatically. At the point of publishing, its 6 most contiguous systems are all reinforced.

However, its member base has yet to cascade downwards, holding around 900. This is backed up by reporting from the war zone – Prothean Alliance continues to have ‘a culture of guts.’

Horde Annexes Kalevala Expanse

Expanding southwards from Geminate, it has been reported that Pandemic Horde has annexed the Kalevala Expanse. Though Horde may not hold all the sovereignty formally, it retains control of key systems and many iHubs.

This move may be in part to secure the profitable stations before the June 5th conversion. However, it also appears likely that Kalevala will be rented out. This is a further expansion of northern authority into the East.