This article is the first in a weekly series of propaganda roundup posts from the Eve community. All content remains the property of the creators.

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Entosis Things from Eve

This was posted by Wiros of Brave Newbies in reference to the current Legacy campaign in Providence against Pandemic Legion. It depicts figures who are active in the battle for the region, which is typified by heavy entosis work. In pride of place is Lumio En Tilavine, a modern Don Quitoxe who fights valiantly to destroy all opponents.

Goons only want one thing and it’s disgusting… from Eve

Asher Elias of Goonswarm is a fan of Costco Kirkland Protein Bars. It is understood by NER that after one particularly successfully fleet, he said that the victory had been enabled by ‘Kirkland’s Protein Bars – which are nutritious and delicious’. This ringing endorsement has since spread.

Just Say No! from Eve

Again: this sub as a wormholer from Eve

The new north, now in picture form from Eve

This is a reasonably frequent image used to depict shifts in the geopolitics, or simply to insult enemy coalitions. In this case Circle of Two are depicted as a meatshield for Darkness. The rest of Guardians of the Galaxy coalition are cowering behind this truly mighty bulwark.

Valued Allies from Eve

Test‘s decision not to jump their supercapitals – despite committing dreads – into the recent bloodbath in C-LTXS generated criticism on reddit. The ambushed XiX move op was an evacuation of former DRF areas as well as a restaging as part of the Legacy coalition.

A Nightmare on Legacy Street from Eve

As a piece of propaganda art, this piece is notable for its quality of execution, brilliantly depicting TEST alliance as a false friend inviting their allies for strategic collaboration, only to have them killed shortly thereafter. Previous victims, as depicted by Cymek, include FCON and Co2, with X.I.X appearing to be next on the chopping block.