Just before last week’s fateful move operation through C-LTXS, Drone Region Federation’s Karer held a state-of-the-alliance (SOTA) meeting. The meeting is in Russian. If you want the English transcript, I have translated it into English here.


  • Karer admits defeat. The DRF cannot defend their remaining stronghold in Insmother after Winter Coalition has reset a mutual Non-Invasion Pact.
  • Karer promises a consolidation of Russian-speaking DRF alliances, sketches a new ideology for the coalition.
  • Remains of DRF enter into temporary strategic partnership with Legacy Coalition.


Just when it seemed we’d witnessed the spectacular downfall of the Drone Region Federation in the form of an entire five Keepstars dying at the hands of the Holy League (skill urself/V0LTA) in just a matter of days, the catastrophic decline of the Russian-led megacoalition entered a new stage. The battle of C-LXTS will be remembered as one of the great slaughters of 2018. The resulting butcher’s bill ran up to 3T in losses for the Russians and their allies. Before the move-op, Karer of Legion of xXDeathXx [X.I.X] assembled the bulk of X.I.X membership for a State of the Alliance speech, or ‘hypnotoad’ in the alliance jargon. Karer acts as de-facto leader of both alliance and coalition in personal union.

The war for Insmother was lost, he announced, but a great rebirth was in the making. He was referring to the great evacuation of the Drone Regions in 2012. In that year, the DRF had been beaten by its enemies in the course of the Russian Civil War, which led to a consolidation and subsequent hardening of the alliance’s PVP core. Karer argued that this trauma had laid the foundation of later success and empire. He further acknowledged the long-term fatigue of members on all levels, from line members to strategic fleet commanders. The war was lost indeed, but if the DRF had been able to learn from their mistakes in 2012, they would be able to do so again.

Then came the first major announcement of the SOTA – the Russian-speaking part of the entire Drone Region Federation would consolidate into its main alliance, X.I.X. This was designed to create an impression of strong leadership in the minds of line members as well as potential recruits.

Why Russian-speaking? Because, in the words of Karer, it had always been the goal of X.I.X “to unify Russian-speaking alliances to achieve greater results in EVE than has been possible so far”. In fact, he went one step further by suggesting that it was wrong “for Russian corps to be in non-Russian speaking alliances”.

To analytical observers, this indicated the advent of a new political doctrine that would rely upon the ‘Russian idea’, a vaguely defined nationalist vision of ‘Russianness’ that includes all native speakers of Russian. By increasing internal cohesion, the coalition’s efforts to rebuild and gather strength would successfully be leveraged to exact revenge upon their bitter enemies. This ideological development was met with general ridicule on the Russian-speaking EVE forums.

The second major announcement of Karer’s speech concerned the very near future of the coalition. To rebuild and consolidate, the newly-reborn coalition (as of yet unnamed) of X.I.X Russians and their non-Russian-speaking allies would move into space controlled by TEST, entering into a temporary strategic partnership with Legacy Coalition. Karer stressed that “our coalition will not form part of TEST’s coalition, and our relations may be characterised as ‘allied coalition’.” As parts of this announcement had previously been leaked in unpalatable form on Imperium coalition media, he made sure to emphasise the non-committal nature of the alliance. This, too, was met with widespread ridicule on Russian- and English-speaking social media alike.

Karer’s lackluster SOTA speech failed to inspire a widespread confidence in the future viability of X.I.X’s imperial ambitions. The move op that led to the destruction of 23 supercarriers and 10 titans seemed only to confirm this point. It must be noted that large parts of the Russian-speaking EVE community had, since the demise of Stainwagon and the degradation of the Red Menace Coalition to pet status, considered X.I.X the only remaining stronghold of Russian power in New Eden.

This empire had, for many years, soaked up the best recruits and secured the largest of income streams. Now that the ISK sources, PVP brainpower and sovereignty of X.I.X was lost, friends and enemies alike had been expecting a show of strength and far sighted leadership. Instead, all they got was a live-streamed confirmation of imperial glory lost.

Correction on 29 May 2018: Amended factually incorrect information regarding the 2012 Russian Civil War

Second correction on 29 May 2018: Changed wording slightly to reflect NER’s ambition to present a balanced, neutral and fact-based view on New Eden’s latest developments.


Featured image credit: Razorien