This is your weekly briefing on the northern conflict between the Imperium and Guardians of the Galaxy coalition.

Significant elements of this conflict summary are sourced from my article of 1900 News for the 29th of May.

Mordus Angels Alliance Mothballed

Mordus Angels is an alliance living in Pure Blind and Fade, within Guardians of the Galaxy coalition. It has a long history of living in Pure Blind, particularly in the NPC system of 5ZXX-K. From there, it spent many years fighting a guerrilla war against Goonswarm. After the eviction of Goonswarm from the North, it became a standard sov-holding alliance within GOTG.

However, in recent months, the Imperium has been conducting a hybrid campaign against GOTG. Goonswarm Special Interest Groups – a hybrid between expeditionary warfare unit and social club – assisted by The Initiative and Snuffed Out have put considerable pressure on GOTG. This has forced it to conduct a staged retreat from Pure Blind and Fade, to consolidate their forces in Deklein.

This retreat has left Mordus Angels in a difficult position. With the alliance under increasing stress, the determination was made to mothball it. This is different from a failure cascade, as it is planned operation. Corporations are moving to various friendly entities. This author understands that a handful of alts will remain in Mordus Angels to preserve it. But the alliance, as an effective entity, is now defunct.

Guardians of the Galaxy Going Home

Guardians of the Galaxy coalition has been deployed in the system of WLF-D3 in Venal for the past week and a half. This action was taken to defend the region of Branch from the Imperium, which had changed the focus of some of their offensive effort. This is because Branch is home to GOTG renters and krabs.

This deployment is now coming to an end. This move follows a defeat in which a mainfleet from Delve was destroyed by GOTG supercapital force, to the tune of 12.5bn lost by the Imperium vs 5.02bn lost by the north. It is understood that USTZ Imperium forces relocated back to ROIR-Y following this incident. A small AUTZ force remains in Venal to continue harassment. It is not adjudged to a serious threat.

CO2 Moving to Fade

In this redoubled security effort, GOTG has found allies in the form of Circle of TwoCO2 has deployed their supercapital fleet to the GOTG staging Keepstar in DO6H-Q, in Fade. This is a precursor to a handover of Mordus Angels space in Fade to the alliance. CO2 contains numerous veteran PVPers. It is likely to increase GOTG combat capabilities in joint operations.

Some have voiced concerns that CO2 is untrustworthy, having betrayed both Goonswarm and TEST in the past. These claims do seem credible based on past evidence, but the situation could develop in a number of different ways.

Action Stations in Pure Blind

Pure Blind has been the site of running battles throughout the past week as entosis pilots attempt to seize stations before the June 5th patch. In particular, many stations originally owned by Space Monkey’s Alliance are under contestation. While there have not been any major fleet battles as of yet, small gang and solo action continues to rage. You can look at zKillboard to get an idea of the scale and scope of the conflict.

For now, that’s the way it is in the northern conflict. NER will keep you updated as the situation unfolds.


Featured image credit: Razorien