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The Headlines at 1900 Eve on Thursday 31st of May

NER News at 7 o’clock. This is Hugh Caswakk. Good evening.

The Gallente Militia are planning a large-scale offensive into Faction Warfare space from June 7th.

Snuffed Out destroyed the Prothean Alliance staging Fortizar in BNX-AS.

Legacy and Winter Coalition engaged in a running battle in Feythabolis over the Fraternity-held outpost in 0OYG-Z. After a ferocious three hour battle, Fraternity kept hold of the station but lost the ISK-war.

Gallente Militia destroyed several Psychotic Tendencies structures in Cloud Ring.

Gallente Militia Plan to Retake the Gallente-Caldari Warzone from June 7th

On June 5th, outposts across New Eden will be converted into valuable Faction Fortizars. Due to the mechanics of the transition, they will become securable on June 7th. Gallente Militia – who own space in Cloud Ring as Galmilistan – has six outposts under their control. They have been distracted from the Faction Warfare side of affairs in efforts to secure them.

Forwards from June 7th, this will no longer be necessary – and Galmil plans to return to the war zone in style. Our correspondent in the area said that:

From June 7th, the entirety of Galmil makes a concentrated push into the war zone. This timing will also give them enough time to stockpile the thousands of ships needed.

This was then confirmed by Ashterothi, a key figure in Gallente Militia who told this author in an official statement that:

I can confirm that FEDUP [his alliance, Federation Uprising] is going to retake the warzone after securing the stations.

Beyond moving past the need to secure the outposts, there is another rationale for this offensive. Because Caldari Militia controls most of the war zone, the supply of Gallente Loyalty Points is very limited. Loyalty Points make vital ships – most especially the Vexor Navy Issue (VNI), widespread across the cluster for ratting – more expensive. This author understands that Galmil has made a lot of money selling off stockpiles of VNI’s in this environment. However, stocks are beginning to run out – and so there is a need to refresh the supply. Restoring the supplies can only occur through the conquest of a significant part of the war zone.

Prothean Staging Fortizar Destroyed – Holy League Victory Close in Etherium Reach

At 1419 EVE today, the Prothean Alliance staging Fortizar in BNX-AS was destroyed by Snuffed Out. It is understood that this destruction was not contested. This Fortizar was the hub for Prothean Alliance operations in Etherium Reach, sitting at the center of the region. It also secured the entire BNX pocket. Its destruction marks a significant defeat for Prothean Alliance.

However, Prothean Alliance is expected to continue to resist. Their capital Fortizar in the system of LXQ2-T is in final reinforce. If Prothean Alliance intends to mount a last stand, it will be over this Fortizar. It is also understood that they will continue to run rear-guard entosis operations to secure as many outposts before June 5th as possible.

Nevertheless, the bulk of the fighting has passed. This reflects some months of hard campaigning from the Holy League and a broad assortment of allies. Prothean Alliance, for their part, is the last member of Drone Region Federation left standing. When the Etherium Reach front wraps up in the coming weeks, the 10 Month War will, finally, have ended.

With thanks to Emrod, in Unspoken Alliance, for providing detailed commentary

Legacy versus Winter Coalition in Feythabolis – Station Remains in Fraternity Hands

From around 1300 to 1700 today, Legacy and Winter Coalition fought a running battle centered around the system of 0OYZ-G. In this system is an outpost held by Fraternity. Legacy has attempted to dislodge Fraternity from the system sometimes before, but due to reinforcement mechanics, today was the last opportunity to try it.

With the bulk of Legacy forces still deployed in Providence, Legacy sent an interceptor fleet to take the outpost. Winter Coalition confronted it with a large Eagle fleet. This spiralled into a 3-hour action across the surrounding constellation, with both sides pinging for reinforcements.

Despite significant pressure, Fraternity held the outpost. However, in the process they lost 22.34bn ISK to Legacy’s 9.14bn ISK. Nevertheless, despite the bloody character of the defence, it now gives Winter Coalition a definite foothold within Feythabolis.

*Thanks to /u/Seddows for providing clarification on this battle.

Psychotic Tendencies Scaling Back Operations in Cloud Ring

In the early hours of this morning, Gallente Militia forces destroyed 4 Psychotic Tendencies (TISHU) citadels in Cloud Ring. Alone, this would not be particularly newsworthy. However, our own correspondent in the region also reports that TISHU has reduced activity in Cloud Ring as a whole.

It was previously the case that TISHU entosised GalMil space and shot structures every day. However, this effort is now scaling back considerably. This author understands that this is because GalMil has mounted a substantial defensive effort. Moreover, GalMil have apparently made careful use of their association with the Imperium to reinforce vulnerable points.

Phil Ricker, one of our correspondents with knowledge of the situation, said of TISHU that:

They wanted some stations but knew that GalMil would bat phone their allies and would get too much more than likely [sic].

In essence, this suggests that GalMil made a point of outnumbering TISHU forces consistently using their allies. This suggestion was contended by other staffers, who suggested that the batphone narrative was flawed, as Guardians of the Galaxy coalition often involves themselves – necessitating Imperium intervention.

No matter the specifics of how it was arranged, TISHU has seen fit to scale back their operations for now.

And now, the news where you are:


Fighting in Pure Blind Over Stations

This paragraph comes from my latest Northern Conflict Summary

Pure Blind has been the site of running battles throughout the past week as entosis pilots attempt to seize stations before the June 5th patch. In particular, many stations originally owned by Space Monkey’s Alliance are under contestation. While there have not been any major fleet battles as of yet, small gang and solo action continues to rage. You can look at zKillboard to get an idea of the scale and scope of the conflict.

Brawl in VSJ-PP

Between 0107 and 0237 EVE there was a clash in VSJ-PP, Geminate, between Pandemic Horde, Black Legion and Goonswarm. It is understood that a Pandemic Horde strat-op was interrupted by Black Legion, and a fight broke out. They were then interrupted by a Goonswarm Retribution fleet, which had used Thera to reach Geminate for roaming purposes.

A brawl ensued, leaving 10.85bn dead for Horde and BL, vs 2.35bn dead for Goonswarm. A small TEST and DnG force were also in system, but did not have an appreciable impact.

With thanks to Domino for providing information on this.


inPanic Alliance Collapsed

inPanic Alliance, formerly of the DRF, has failure cascaded in the past week. Falling from 1000 members on the 21st of May to 13 today. Our own correspondents in the region inform us that many former members of inPanic are looking to join Beanstalks, Pandemic Horde’s renting group.

This failure cascade has come after weeks of a targeted insurgency mounted by Unspoken Alliance and their allies. This harassment, combined with the broader collapse of the Drone Control Unit, rendered the alliance unable to continue.


No news to report at this time.

For now, that’s how it is in New Eden. Good night.

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