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New Eden Report has official sponsors. To maintain an objective platform, we made sure to get sponsors from across the cluster:

  • Sapphire Interstellar Capital Holdings <S-ICH> – A new corporation being built up by Ioannis Sepphiros, S-ICH has purchased advertising space for the banner on NER. They will be providing ISK to NER.
  • Fweddit <FW0RT> – A corporation member of The Initiative, Fweddit has purchased advertising space for the sidebar on NER. They will be providing ISK, as well contacts to NER.
  • Mogul Financial <MOGUL> – A player run group dedicated to providing financial services and tools to New Eden. Their website can be found here, where they offer a stock exchange, trader’s leaderboard, tools for skill farmers, portfolio management and more. They will be sponsoring NER videos found here. They will be providing ISK to NER.

These entities do not decide what is or what is not published for New Eden Report, and all the services they provide will go into making the content we produce better, or into the wallets of the staffers bringing you said content. NER remains committed to focusing on facts, and to be the best provider of current information and media about Eve Online.


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