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NER News at 7 o’clock. This is Hugh Caswakk. Good evening.

Expeditionary forces of the Imperium, comprising Goonswarm Special Interest Groups and The Initiative. alliance, are withdrawing from their conflict with Guardians of the Galaxy.

Legacy Coalition has destroyed numerous Pandemic Legion structures in the system of Assah.

A small number of Legacy corporations is engaged in ‘Operation Crusade,’ in Tenerifis, to defend the alliance Forces Francophones Libres and advance their interests in Eastern Tenerifis.


At 0535 EVE today, Asher Elias, senior Imperium Strategic Military Director, announced that his forces would be withdrawing from the north. Though he only has direct command over Goonswarm Special Interest Groups, it is understood that Initiative. also plans to withdraw.

This marks a temporary cessation in the campaign waged by the Imperium against Guardians of the Galaxy since October of last year. This campaign has been a productive one for the Imperium forces, forcing GOTG to pull back from Cloud Ring, Pure Blind and Fade.

GOTG and their northern allies may count this withdrawal as a success. They have scored tactical successes in battle over the course of the campaign. However, the Imperium forces remain combat effective, and are withdrawing in good order.

Rather than defeat on the battlefield, it appears that the withdrawal is at least in part due to concerns about exhaustion among SIG line members. This is outlined in Asher’s statement, where he said:

“On the way home I let my guys know we are undeploying home for a while so I can focus on AT practice and they can focus on mutaplasmids. Everyone seems pretty happy to take a nice break…”

Given the voluntary nature of this withdrawal, it appears likely that the Imperium will return to the north.

Addenum: It seems that Reavers are definitely restaging home. Space Violence has yet to make a decision but it appears that it is also likely to leave in the coming days.

With thanks to u/Tuzy for providing information on this item.


At 2226 EVE last night, the Pandemic Legion Fortizar in the system of Assah was destroyed by a large fleet from Legacy Coalition. This capped off an evening of destruction for Pandemic Legion – with 4 medium citadels and one large structure (an Azbel) destroyed in the system. Pandemic Legion, heavily outnumbered, opted not to defend the structures.

Pandemic Legion spokespeople have said that this destruction is of limited value, as PL has been staging from the 7-7 NPC station in the system for some time. This is a reasonable argument. Nonetheless, the destruction of the structures does represent a defeat to PL, even if it is only in ISK lost.

Given the ownership of the outposts in Providence can no longer be contested – and that said contestation is the raison d’etre for the PL campaign – it is likely that PL will shortly be departing Providence. It is unclear at this time where they will be going next.

With thanks to u/Seddows for providing information on this item.


In a private deployment, the Legacy corporations Incredible. (BRAVE), Southern Comfort, Infinite Point and Star Frontiers (TEST) have engaged Winter Coalition proxies in Eastern Tenerifis. This deployment began with each corporation seeking their own content. However, they sorted out lines of communication and doctrines to work together more effectively.

In the process of their deployment – dubbed ‘Operation Crusade,’ by members of the now-disbanded Mistakes Were Made coalition – they have fought to aid the newcomer alliance Forces Francophones Libres (FFL). FFL seeks to establish their own home within Tenerifis.

Local group Serenity Initiative initially opposed FFL, before absorbing into the larger group Lords of Worlds, which has carried on the fight. The Legacy intervention reduced this pressure, carving out sovereignty for the French group. In return, they were allowed to take the outposts in the area around the 50-5UD constellation.

Legacy involvement in the area has not gone unnoticed by Winter Coalition. Fraternity has pushed assets and pilots into the area in support of Ranger Regiment, their coalition partner, which has interests in the region. However, Winter Coalition proper has ongoing commitments in Feythabolis. This has made it harder to commit forces – leaving the Tenerifis as something of a side-show, for now.

Addendum: This author has been informed by an anonymous source within Legacy Coalition that some alliances in Legacy plan to formally expand into Tenerifis. The veracity of this statement has not been confirmed with other sources. NER will seek to do so in the coming hours.

Thanks to u/aalp234 and u/BasilVulpine for providing information on this campaign.




Two Dream Fleet Nyxes were ambushed in the system of Ofage by a number of low-sec hunters around 1100 today. Dream Fleet and their allies responded with a dread-bomb to save the supercarriers but were promptly counter-dropped by NCdot. The Dream Fleet dreadnoughts were systematically destroyed, while the supercarriers were prevented from escaping. With the defence fleet reduced, the combined NCdot/low-sec guns turned on the supers and destroyed them.


No news to report at this time.


No news to report at this time.

For now, that’s how it is in New Eden. Good night.

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The article originally stated than Azbel was a citadel, when it is in fact properly referred to as a structure or EC. This has now been corrected. Apologies for the oversight and thanks to u/CaptainWoodstock for the correction.

The article originally read ‘2nd OF MAY’ instead of ‘2ND OF MAY’. This has now been corrected. Apologies for the oversight and thanks to u/Wahsteve for the correction.

The article originally stated without critical examination that some Legacy alliances plan to take space in Tenerifis. This information has yet to be fully verified. This author apologizes for the oversight, and has inserted a phrase to that effect into the text. As it stands, the future plans for Tenerifis are not currently known with certainty.

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