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Propaganda Roundup #2

This article continues our NER weekly series of propaganda posts from the Eve community. All content remains the property of the creators.

If you have any propaganda or Eve related art which you wish to promote in an article, contact me at Marsha Mallow#3633 on Discord, or join the New Eden Discord here.

test.jpeg from Eve

reposted from r/eve because r/eve mods are gallente from evememes

Harvey lost this: A providence saga. from Eve

Harvey Skywalker’s group led the entosis efforts to secure Providence for PL, only to have the outposts swiped by Legacy close to the outpost changeover and the sov handed back to the original residents.

How I feel going back to sov. from Eve

[Propaganda] Lethal Injection Inc. from Eve

Magikarp Evolution Society…. shitty propaganda…. probably…. ok, definitely. from Eve

Original r/eve post

Ushra’Khan, the oldest alliance ingame, has a long history of conflict with fellow role players CVA in Providence.

The Abyssal expansion takes Eve visuals to a new level, with players posting actual game footage image albums across social media.

CCP Pointybits – a member of the ship design team – recently left CCP close to the deployment of Abyssal space and Triglavian ships.

Featured image credit: AgonistX