NER breaking news at 7 o’clock. This is Hugh Caswakk. Good evening.


  • Jin’taan has created a new alliance called Red Noise to help attack Immensea.
  • Independent Red Noise efforts have so far failed.
  • Consistent with information received by sources, and observation of previous Legacy policy, we believe it likely that Legacy will invade Immensea to support their proxy relatively soon.


New Eden Report has discovered that Legacy is likely to invade Immensea within the next week. We understand that they intend to install Jin’taan’s new alliance, ‘Red Noise,’ in the region as a buffer.

We have been informed by a source that Red Noise is currently staging in 4-GB14. This is Yulai Federation space, a few jumps from the Legacy-Winter Coalition border. When contacted for verification, Jin’taan declined to comment.

It appears from the Red Noise killboard that they have attempted to place staging Astrahuses in various Winter Coalition/TRUMPY systems in Immensea. These attempts were met with defeat.

As Legacy is now moving back from Providence, it is likely that they will move to support their proxy. This information has also been heard by pilots within Triumvirate. They and their more extensive network of allies are reportedly waiting for Legacy to make the first move.

This policy of invading border regions and installing proxies is not without precedent for Legacy. In Tenerifis, Legacy corporations have supported the alliance Forces Francophones Libres in their invasion of parts of the area.

Moreover, as Ranger Regiment is now moving north to Guardians of the Galaxy, it makes sense to strike into Immensea before the transition of space from RR to Fraternity is complete.

From both direct sources and observation of prior policy, NER can say with high confidence that a full Legacy invasion of Immensea is close.

NER will keep you updated as the situation progresses. For now, goodnight.


Featured image credit: Adan Dimaloun