JFV-ID system, Detorid region. On the 9th of June at 10:11 EVE Standard Time, Tactical Supremacy [TIKLE] and allies clashed with Fraternity. [FRT] in the system, leading to the destruction of a Nyx super carrier.

Tactical Supremacy attempted a “Whaling” operation – trying to tackle and destroy capitals and super capitals usually engaged in PvE activities such as mining or ratting. One of the scouts dispatched reported a juicy target in the JFV-ID system: Five Rorqual industrial capital ships mining in an anomaly and guarded by a Nyx.

Having found a target, the alliance organized a 35 pilot Ferox battlecruiser fleet to destroy the ships. Three Hel super carriers were also brought along due to the fleet’s low numbers, needing the extra firepower to actually break the tank of the Rorquals. This force made its way from Legacy coalition space and into Detorid proper, scouts and interdictors burning ahead to secure tackle on the ships.

By the time they arrived in the system the situation had changed. Two of the Rorquals had left the system and the Nyx was nowhere to be found, though its pilot was still present in local chat. Regardless, the Ferox fleet decided to proceed with its original plan and tackled the remaining Rorquals in the anomaly. With the super carriers deployed, each of the Rorquals quickly entered its invulnerability mode, forcing the Ferox fleet to wait on grid for the modules to finally burn out and allow it to destroy the ships.

It was during this wait that the Nyx de-cloaked on the grid, for some unknown reason. With the colossal ship appearing only 20 kilometers away from a Tactial Supremacy Onyx heavy interdictor who wasted no time in tackling the Nyx, which proceeded to deploy fighters of its own and attack the Tactical Supremacy Hels.

With the Rorquals still invulnerable, the Ferox fleet and its super carriers pounced on the opportunity and quickly dispatched the hostile Nyx, which melted under the combined firepower of the fleet. The ship destroyed, Tactical Supremacy pilots quickly looted the wreck before turning their attention to the Rorquals which started to come out of their invulnerability mode.

Fraternity forces were not idle either. Though no major fleet commander was present, the alliance quickly organized a response fleet. A ragtag collection of battleships, battlecruisers and cruisers formed a 70 pilot makeshift fleet. This force traveled down to the area, attempting to free its captured ships as well as aiming to destroy the Tactical Supremacy super carriers. Fraternity interdictors were sent ahead of the main force to try and pin down the hostiles and give enough time for the main fleet to organize and travel.

One by one, Fraternity interdictors landed on the grid, prompting the Ferox fleet to target and dispatch them. Realizing the alliance was probably organizing a rescue fleet and that their time was short, Tactical Supremacy chose to destroy only two of the three Rorquals tackled on grid. With the second Rorqual down, the alliance extracted its super carriers, leaving the third Rorqual as a sole survivor.

Having secured its super carriers, the Ferox fleet attempted to withdraw as well, traveling to the neighboring ZLO3-V system in an attempt to escape the region. However, the fleet jumped straight into the waiting Fraternity rescue fleet which had set up on the JFV-ID gate. With no way to escape, the Ferox fleet was forced to brawl the Fraternity fleet.

The two fleets fought each other at close range, the Ferox fleet anchoring up and attempting to gain distance but the Fraternity fleet not allowing it. Artillery, missile and rail gun fire was exchanged, the Fraternity fleet focusing at first on mainline ships and managing to destroy several in the opening volleys. The Ferox fleet attempted to thin the makeshift fleet’s logistics wing, destroying several cheap logistics cruisers such as the Scythe and the Osprey.

The Ferox fleet however was in a bad spot, having been caught at close range and only fielding half the number of ships its enemy had. It didn’t take Fraternity long to switch targets to the Ferox fleet’s logistics wing. In one minute, more than half of the logistics wing of Tactical Supremacy was wiped out. Then came the turn of the two command ships of the Ferox fleet. They too couldn’t hold under the combined Fraternity. firepower and caved in to the barrage.

Having lost its command ships and their bonuses as well as more than half its logistics wing, the Ferox fleet ceased to be an effective force. Order was given for every able ship to retreat as Fraternity. pressed its advantage, tackling and destroying every Ferox it could. Only half the fleet managed to escape the slaughter, leaving Fraternity to hold the field.

With the remnants of the Ferox fleet in full retreat, the battle came to an end.

Battle report for the JFV-ID and ZLO3-V systems can be found here.

All told the battle lasted 24 minutes, with Time Dilation not reported and the system hosting an estimated 100 pilots at the height of the fighting.

Fraternity. lost 32 ships including 1 super carrier and 2 capital industrial ships for a total of 55.92 billion ISK damage.
Tactical Supremacy and allies lost 19 ships including 11 battlecruisers for a total of 3.71 billion ISK damage.


Featured image credit: Razorien