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Eve: A paint doodle. from Eve

It’s good to be king! from Eve

Legacy’s seizure of the Providence outposts from PL in the runup to the June 5 conversion to faction citadels has generated a decent amount of high quality propaganda, with little to no retort from PL.

TEST Alliance vs PL, or who stole the bricks? from Eve

PL you shouldn’t paint the Dino on the wall… from Eve

Thanks for all the forts PL! from Eve

In case you were tired of hearing about the PL Forts from Eve

The kid has got skills from Eve

Commentators on various Eve media sites are pointing out the relative success of Pandemic Horde – purportedly a new player branch of Pandemic Legion – vs the current perceptions of the parent org.

The Virgin Virus vs The Chad Virus from Eve

[Propaganda] Lethal Injection Inc. from Eve

Casual Games from Eve

Playing in the Sandbox from Eve

Horde shooting Fraternity regretfully in the newbean face-off.

Perfect from Eve

I have a bounty on me, what do I do? from Eve

Hiding in the shadows from Eve

Abyssal deadspace really highlights the visual beauty in Eve. All credit to the art team for exceeding anything seen before ingame and showcasing the visuals of both the environment and the NPCs.

Just another Electrical Screenshot–Definitely making the best wallpapers. from Eve

[Screenshots] Thank you CCP for some of the most cinematic visual experiences yet. from Eve

Tapi fishing for CSM from Eve

Test CSM candidate Creecher Virpio was removed as a candidate from the elections by CCP this week following of the release of old chatlogs. His response can be found here.

I Voted, Did You? from Eve

Featured image credit: AgonistX