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Gallente Militia Begins Assault on Caldari Strongholds

Following the defense of Federation-owned sovereignty in the nullsec region of Cloud Ring, the Gallente Militia has launched a full-blown counterattack in an attempt to liberate Caldari occupied systems. This offensive has proven successful, and within the last two weeks, Anchauttes and Heydieles were taken under intense resistance, while the others were in mostly remote uncontested regions.

During this campaign, the major Gallente Militia alliances have all deployed to separate regions, allowing for a quicker and smoother conquest of systems. In particular, the Gallente Militia alliance Federation Uprising, along with other Galmil forces, now seeks to capture Oicx and Eha, both of which are of strategic importance to The Bloc, one of the largest Caldari Militia alliances – Eha being The Bloc’s home system. Already there has been fighting within the system, and we expect that the battle over these systems will be long and intense, and potentially even more destructive than the previous siege which saw over 12,000 ships destroyed in 5 days of fighting in Oicx. In addition to this, Galmil has also been attacking and reinforcing multiple Bloc structures in Eha, Vlillirier, and Oicx, and it is likely that these attacks will continue.

The Bloc fought tooth and nail for Oicx several months ago, and Galmil captured the system only after a long and hard-fought battle that lasted several days. With so much on the line, The Bloc will probably fight even harder this time, and they may have the support of other Caldari Militia alliances that are not occupied with fighting other Gallente Militia alliances.

During system sieges of these kinds, attrition warfare is always the key to winning. In this warfare, The Bloc will have the upper hand as Federation Uprising will be fighting in their territory: since the Caldari currently own the systems, the Gallente Militia has no access to the NPC stations, and if the Caldari manage to destroy Gallente staging citadels before the Gallente capture the systems they should be able to halt an invasion. However, if the Gallente does manage to capture the system, The Bloc may be evicted from their home, as the Gallente have already begun to systematically reinforce many of the smaller structures in the surrounding systems.

All eyes now turn to the Militias, and everything hinges on whether or not the Caldari Militia will unite to halt the Gallente’s march through the war zone in Oicx and Eha. Will CalMil alliances such as HECON and Templis CALSF come to the aid of the besieged Bloc? The outcome is still uncertain, but what seems inevitable is that whoever wins this struggle, victory will come only after days if not weeks of intense fighting over these two systems.


Featured image credit: sov.space