The South-East portion of the New Eden is in disarray. Immensea is being contested by Legacy Coalition and WinterCo in an escalating pattern.
Events so far
For the past month, Legacy deployed to ERVK-P. The goal of this deployment was to take all of the stations/outposts in Providence before their conversion to faction Fortizars. Throughout most of May and through to the deadline of June 5, Legacy took stations and pushed Pandemic Legion – who had recently seized the area – back to lowsec in Assah.
Now that date has passed, and all of the stations are now faction Fortizars. Legacy is busily unanchoring them under cover of their supercapital umbrella. However, TEST has started moving back home, with multiple fights occurring in recent days. Notably, four supercarriers destroyed yesterday by Legacy – three in Paragon Soul and one in Tenerifis.
But this faction Fortizar flip was also beneficial for WinterCo. In particular, Fraternity took the station in 0OYZ-G, Feythabolis before the station changes happened. As a result, Fraternity now owns a Fortizar within striking range of TEST’s home space. In additon, Fraternity has been campaigning in Immensea. Here is a list of Immensea stations detailing who owned which before the station changes. Any station not owned by Evictus, Yulai Federation, Rezeda Regnum, or W4rped Intentions is now a WinterCo Fortizar. This advantage allows substantial power-projection from WinterCo.
Current events
However, the notable move WinterCo made occured during a State of the Alliance Meeting. While the WinterCo SoTG meeting was in progress; they successfully onlined a Keepstar in the system of EIH-IU in Wicked Creek. Further, they announced their intention to restage their coalition in the system. This move is a decisive power play, as staging in that system allows for broad jump range coverage aross Immensea
In particular, this brings the Legacy keepstar in 4-GB14 in direct range of the WinterCo Keepstar in EIH.
One wrinkle to this is that WinterCo is currently onlining a Astra called “Surprise MotherFucker” off the Legacy Keepstar in 4-GB14. This may suggest the beginning of significant offensive action.
However, in the WinterCo SOTA, it was stated that SRP is delayed due to ISK spent on structures. This information may require confirmation, but with a public announcement of two further Keepstars to deploy, appears credible.
The system of LK1K-5 is the divide as of now between Legacy Forces and WinterCo. It remains to be seen who will make the first move and what that move will be.
If the conflict does break out, WinterCo is unlikely to be alone. Their allies TRUMPY are right next door – and the Holy League, another friendly power, are only a few regions away to the North. These friends of WinterCo have a significant presence in Immensea.
The recent deployment of a LUMPY Fortizar in the system of Y-FZ5N suggests that they too are advancing more into Immensea in support of WinterCo. With X.I.X under Legacy protection at the time, it remains unknown what or where X.I.X will move. Red Noise, the new alliance led by Jin’taan has been spotted attempting Sov warfare in WinterCo/Tri/Lumpy space in Immensea. This offensive has met with some success in the EL8Z-M constellation, though the final battles are yet to come. 
Sources in Triumvirate claim the alliance is not anchoring any structures in Immensea. However Lumpy and WinterCo are. They described Lumpy structures are defensive in nature to buttress the coalition’s position against a potential Legacy invasion as they seek to install its puppet alliance, Red Noise, into the region.
Tri sources also claimed that the Fraternity Keepstar is for krabs. However with WinterCo’s SOTA stating they will stage there within a week’s time this statement is open to question. It remains to be seen who moves where in the coming weeks and who pulls the trigger first.


Featured image credit: Vollhov