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High Confidence That The Judge Bought ~500 Votes For CSM13

The Judge paid a small number of SP farmers to help him win the election. A source within the scheme revealed that six players, controlling roughly 550 voting accounts, were involved.

We were further told that the issued ballot had The Judge at the top and Innominate on the second spot, followed by some unlikely candidates. Spikes in vote counts according to the voting data for these unlikely candidates would verify compliance with the ballot, permitting payment.

The exact amount of ISK per vote remains in doubt, though it seems that an initial offer of 50 million ISK was made. Apparently, negotiations on the issue of payment were protracted, with the final ballot only being issued on Sunday 10th June – shortly before polls closed.

The ISK was to be paid by The Judge to a neutral third party until such time as the votes could be verified. It was initially suggested that Jibrish act as a third party to hold this ISK. However, a decision was then made to use another figure.

This can be verified through open source information. CCP’s released vote counts per ballots include the below figures.

42 The Judge Innominate Raphendyr Nardieu Vincent Eneticum Cacique Yuhasz Syncopee Farnsworth Solar Taranogas
353 The Judge Innominate Vincent Eneticum Cacique Yuhasz Raphendyr Nardieu Solar Taranogas Syncopee Farnsworth
79 The Judge Innominate Solar Taranogas Raphendyr Nardieu Syncopee Farnsworth Cacique Yuhasz Vincent Eneticum

All of these ballots match the description given by the source. Judge is at the top, Innominate second, with a set of fairly unknown candidates afterwards. The total number of votes cast from these three ballots is 474. This is in line with the estimation of approximately 550 characters involved.

Moreover, it is suspected that The Judge sent EVEMails to individuals within the community promising 50m ISK per vote. While he has denied his involvement, the figure of 50m does provide substantiation to the source’s testimony regarding the offered price.

This is not to say that the vote-buying was massively decisive. Other events, such as the disqualification of Creecher Virpio, were far more statistically significant. It is also important to understand that vote-buying is not a behaviour unique to The Judge, and it does not violate any CCP rules.

Nevertheless, NER believes this story to be of interest. If you have any further details, please do not hesitate to come forward.


Suitonia has found another paid ballot, and has shown that these paid ballots made sure that The Judge got on the CSM rather than Tikktokk Tokkzik.