This article continues our weekly roundup of propaganda and art themed posts from the Eve community. All content remains the property of the creators.

In a humorous take on popular TV series ‘Stranger Things’, this poster refers to the brewing war for Immensea.

Legacy Stands Ready from Eve

This T2 logistics cruisers has provided reps on many a fleet, but perhaps not in the form of watercolour on paper.

The Noble Basilisk; a painting. (Steel Cardinal skin, fyi) from Eve

A fearsome rendering of one of EVE Online’s most bizarre ships, as painted by the famous streamer’s better half.

[Oil painting] Phantasm by iBeast’s Girlfriend 🙂 from Eve

CSM Results are in, with 5 out of 10 seats won by Imperium members, and allegations of vote buying. This alternative timeline imagines a Council of Stellar Management with Tikktokk Tokkzikk.

The CSM Member of our Hearts! from Eve

New official CSM13 wallpaper from Eve

Prolific Goon talent Catlos reimagines the Bosoning of Northern harassment fleets in Delve.

Delve from Eve

The Monthly Economic Report is taken as a sign of great things to come. More Rorquals.

Fortune Teller from Eve

An iconic spreadsheet infographic breaking down Goons’ contribution to the Monthly Economic Report.

MiniTru Fact #6969: Delve Time Units [by anuranonthecouch] from Eve

After numerous CCP bans for using macros, this pilot decides to play it safe.

How I keybind Eve from Eve

Chessur’s long post about why Rorquals are overpowered did not go unnoticed.

A bit of a change from the typical Abyssal space screenshots.

Fuck Abyssal Space from Eve

Check out Nuno Filipe on Twitter to see a selection of some of the best player created Eve concept art.

The lowsec FW struggle continues, with frequent reports of skirmishes between the Caldari State and Gallente Federation.

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Featured image credit: Razorien