Estaunitte system, Essence region. On the 20th of June at 13:45 EVE Standard Time, Siege Green. [SGGRN] and Snuffed Out [B B C] clashed in the system over an engineering complex.

The battle was instigated by Snuffed Out forces. The alliance had previously reinforced five structures belonging to Siege Green. All five were set to exit their invulnerability mode on the same day, with Snuffed Out intending to push them into their final reinforcement timer and provoke a response from Siege Green.

Siege Green became aware of this and prepared to defend the structures. However, due to the distance of these structures from its main staging system, the alliance struggled to organize a response fleet in time. To make matters worse, Snuffed Out’s staging was far closer in range to the contested systems, making it far easier to escalate matters from their side.

Thus Siege Green decided to call upon local allies, securing the aid of Shadow Cartel [SHDWC], long-time rival of Snuffed Out, and House of Serenity. [H0S.], a Sinq Laison-based corporation which has recently had a few run-ins of their own with Snuffed Out. Siege Green and allies assembled a 40-pilot Apocalypse Navy Issue battleship fleet with two force auxiliaries serving as its logistics backbone. At the same time, a capital wing was organized for escalation which included two squadrons of combat carriers and an entire wing of dreadnoughts.

Snuffed Out was not blind to Siege Green’s preparations and gathered a 40-pilot Machariel battleship fleet with Guardian logistics cruisers comprising a quarter of the fleet. Four squadrons of dreadnoughts were also secured and moved into position for the upcoming fight.

Snuffed Out made the first move, having already reinforced three of the five structures and now bridging in near its intended target — a Siege Green Raitaru engineering complex. The structure had exited its invulnerability mode and attempted to self-repair. This process was quickly interrupted as Snuffed Out’s Machariels opened fire with their autocannons, soon chipping away at its armor health points.

By that time, Siege Green and its allies had finished assembling their forces and organized a titan bridge into the system. With Snuffed Out forces already attacking the structure, the Siege Green fleet materialized at a perch above them. With all ships landing, the fleet aligned and warped in on the Snuffed Out forces, the two fleets heading for a close-range brawl on the structure.

Pulse laser batteries and autocannons exchanged fire, the two fleets keeping near point blank range from each other as they sought to inflict maximum damage. However, both sides’ logistics wings proved too robust. With two force auxiliaries on the field, Siege Green was able for the most part to tank the incoming damage with ease. The same held true for Snuffed Out, whose Guardian numbers conferred onto its fleet the same benefits.

For several minutes the two fleets probed each other for weaknesses, trying to find a weak link, a distracted pilot, anything that would allow them to inflict real damage to their opponent. Each side finally succeeded in finding a breach, Snuffed Out dispatching one of the opposing battleships but paying for it with two Guardians. A Siege Green Bhaalgorn battleship evened the score between the two fleets, but no major breakthrough was achieved by either side.

Finally, Siege Green chose to force Snuffed Out’s hand and lit a cynosural beacon. Onto the field jumped a squadron of combat carriers. The carriers landed 30 kilometers away from the hostile battleships, unleashing their fighters and sending them a short distance to the Machariels. With the fighters’ firepower added to the mix, Snuffed Out found itself overwhelmed. The fighter swarm alongside the Apocalypse Navy Issue pulse laser batteries brought down the Machariels, destroying three of them in rapid succession.

Unable to tank, Snuffed Out forces chose to retreat rather than continue the confrontation, ceding the field to Siege Green, which for its part withdrew to tether at a nearby citadel. The Raitaru was meanwhile able to repair the damage and restore its shields.

Snuffed Out had not, however, really given up and was merely buying time for its dreadnoughts to get into position. Regrouping their fleet, the alliance returned to the system ten minutes later. The fleet then warped to the Raitaru and started shooting it again in a bid to provoke Siege Green. The defending fleet now broke tether and warped on top of the hostile Machariels. Snuffed Out then chose to warp off to a ping as its dreadnoughts were still logging into the game and getting into fleet. Once all dreadnoughts were accounted for, the battleships warped back down again to confront Siege Green.

The battleships landed near the Siege Green combat carriers and lit a cynosural beacon, ushering in the Snuffed Out dreadnought wing. Siege Green responded immediately, lighting its own beacon to bring forth its own dreadnought wing. The two capital wings appeared on the grid directly next to each other, each ordering its pilots to enter their siege mode and open fire onto their hostile counterparts.

The two sides brawled, sub-capitals and dreadnoughts exchanging fire at point blank ranges. The start of the exchange was fairly even. Dreadnoughts on both sides fell at a quick pace, with more than twenty destroyed in the first two minutes. After some time, the rate of casualties slowed down as the firepower on the field dwindled with each loss. These losses did, however, prove more significant for Snuffed Out, as Siege Green already had an advantage in terms of dreadnought and overall capital numbers.

The Siege Green combat carriers in particular proved to be a thorn in the side for Snuffed Out. The damage output of these light fighters was not to be disregarded, but it was their capital energy neutralizers that proved fatal. Many Snuffed Out dreadnought pilots felt the added pressure of the energy drain as they struggled to feed power to their guns and hardeners.

With each passing minute, Siege Green secured its advantage, the numerical gap between the two fleets widening. This resulted in Siege Green’s casualty rate slowing down to a mere trickle as the enemy lost more and more dreadnoughts. Snuffed Out, on the other hand, continued to bleed ships at an alarming rate, often exchanging 2-3 dreadnoughts for each of its enemies. By the second siege cycle, it became apparent the fight was unwinnable and Snuffed Out fleet commanders gave the order to retreat.

The surviving dreadnoughts that managed to inject enough capacitor energy and exit their siege cycles alive, immediately jumped out to emergency beacons. Meanwhile, the Machariel fleet warped out and left the field to Siege Green forces for a second time. With the battle won, Siege Green looted the field and extracted its capital assets. With only two of the five citadels secured in the end, Siege Green. withdrew its battleship fleet, standing down and ending the fighting for the day.

The battle from the perspective of the Siege Green fleet.

A battle report for the Estaunitte system can be found here.

All told, the battle on its two parts lasted 27 minutes, with Time Dilation not reported and the system hosting an estimated 190 pilots.

Snuffed Out lost 44 ships including 33 dreadnoughts and 4 battleships for a total of 105.97 billion ISK damage.
Siege Green. and allies lost a combined 27 ships including 20 dreadnoughts, 2 combat carriers and 2 battleships for a total of 65.63 billion ISK damage.


Featured and secondary image credit: Razorien