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Note: Eastern Allies refers to: TRUMPY, WinterCo, Holy League, and Garden Annoyances


NER news at 7 o’clock. This is Hugh Caswakk. Good evening.


Over the course of a couple of hours around midday today, a string of systems were entosised in Immensea. These were:

  • LK1K-5
  • Z-H2MA
  • B2-UQW
  • 08-N7Q
  • Y-C4AL

Jin’taan’s new coalition ‘The Seventh Estate’ conducted this operation. Though he declined to give a definite comment when contacted, zKillboard information shows that Seventh Estate entosis ships in the constellation.

The Eastern Allies response to this entosis was limited. This lack of action is likely because Legacy can detect and flash-form a fleet before the EA defense force can depart staging. As Seventh Estate and Legacy work together, the prospect of a swift Legacy response probably suppressed defensive efforts.

NER will keep you updated as the situation progresses.


Following an announcement of invasion in a SOTA on the 21st, XiX has now begun to attack Tenerifis. At the time of writing, they have secured three systems:

  • FE-6YQ
  • M-4KDB
  • W-16DY

These systems were conquered from two local powers – Blades of Grass and KAOS Unlimited. The southern constellation of G3IP-E, owned by Blades of Grass, has also come under attack. All but one of its systems were reinforced around 1900 on the 22nd.

This invasion is not exclusively an XiX action – TEST has been heavily involved. This is borne out in the one significant fleet action in the Tenerifis theatre to date – a battle in YF-PAX. Taking place between around 1840 and 1930 EVE on the 22nd, it saw a clash between Legacy/XiX and the Eastern Allies.

The fight appears to have begun with contact between an XiX Ferox fleet and an Eastern Allies Nightmare/Gila fleet. XiX initially took significant losses. However, Legacy had been alerted shortly before the fighting started and formed a Maelstrom fleet. The reinforcements proceeded to arrive on the grid and relieve the Russian forces.

The toll stands at 3.59bn lost for Legacy/XiX vs. 11.35bn lost by the Eastern Allies


Between 0623 and 0641 EVE on the 22nd of June, a WinterCo Tempest fleet was destroyed in the system of ZMV9-A. From footage of the fleet, it seems that WinterCo warped in close to a TEST ‘Goku’ bomber fleet. Gokus are bombers which forgo fitting a cloak in favor of bolstering their tank. It appears that the WinterCo FC thought that these bombers would melt quickly under his fleet’s guns.

This was not the case. The bombers’ small size allowed them to avoid damage while striking back the large battleships with torpedo fire. Legacy interdictors swiftly erected bubbles to stop a WinterCo retreat.

The overall toll stands at 17.94bn lost by WinterCo vs just 290.17m lost by Legacy.


Between 17:52 and 18:18, The Initiative aided by Snuffed Out fought a sharp action with CO2 in the system of FIO1-8. INIT hunters identified two Rorquals and bridged in a Muninn fleet to attack them. One Rorqual escaped, but the other PANICked immediately.

CO2 brought in a FAX, which the assorted Imperium forces dropped two dreadnoughts on. After the first FAX died, a second CO2 FAX was brought in. This also died. Shortly after the second FAX was destroyed, CO2 brought in a 90-man Ferox fleet.

This was destroyed with relatively few Imperium losses, and the Rorqual soon followed it. The toll stands at 3.03bn lost by the Imperium vs 25.24bn lost by CO2.


A quiet war has been ongoing in Etherium Reach between Prothean Alliance and Unspoken Alliance. In recent days, SOLAR FLEET – erstwhile of the DRF – moved to the region. Initially, they appeared to be there to help the Protheans; their old coalition-mates.

However, our own correspondent in the area said that:

Prothean has been taking a lot of the 1.0 adm sov systems (mostly TCU’s they aren’t installing ihub’s since Unspoken Alliance will destroy em) but Solar moved to the region and was supposedly going to offer support. Solar now I believe has said fuck that we want the space and appears to be supposedly backstabbing Prothean.

This suggests a split in the Russian ranks and spells a new permutation of the war for Etherium Reach.

For now, that’s how it is in New Eden. Goodnight.

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Featured image credit: Adan Dimaloun