The key faction warfare system of Oicx has fallen to the Gallente Milita. This marks a significant point in the development of the war. NER was made aware of this at 1623 EVE today.

An indicator of this Gallente victory was the reinforcement of two CalMil structures in Oicx (Astrahus into hull, and Azbel into armour) without resistance.

The siege lasted for about a week and has seen the destruction of about 2422 ships. Overall, 65.7bn ISK was lost. Roughly 248 pilots were involved each day in the running battles.

With the fall of Oicx, the path is now open to the Gallente Militia attacking Eha – the home system of The Bloc. GalMil immediately took action on this by attacking into Eha. Our own correspondent reports:

GalMil alliance FEDUP (Federation Uprising) went in an Abbadon fleet to Eha and attempted to anchor a siege Astrahus off the CalMil Fortizar. CalMil, however, was ready with a Gila fleet and engaged the GalMil force.

GalMil called in triage support, but neither side were initially able to break one another. Other GalMil alliances later went into action, dropping carriers and dreadnoughts on grid. However, despite being outnumbered and outgunned, CalMil successfully destroyed the GalMil Astrahus.

Both sides lost around 4bn ISK in the engagement.

The fall of Oicx was a serious setback for CalMil. However, their victory in Eha shows that while they are bruised, they are not beaten.

For a more personal look at the siege, check out this article where pilots from both sides are interviewed about their experiences.


Featured image credit: razorien