The past week has supplied more than enough videos from around New Eden. From ambient videos, fake trailers and some hilarious or tense PvP moments, these are my top picks:

Vulture vs Venture | Star Citizen vs EVE Online Ship Copying by Reload

A quick summary of the recent controversy regarding the Vulture design in Star Citizen which is eerily similar to another ship in a different game…

EVE #2 by Jarl Of Swag

A beautiful cinematic video capturing various sights in EVE Online, set to haunting music. Titans roaming, fleets clashing and more pastoral sights such as citadels against the backdrop of space.

Derth Fights – Episode 3 by Derth Ramir

A video of a fight involving a Drake battlecruiser with some friends taking on an ever increasing tide of enemies.

The Battle of RAGE by Jerzii

A classic video showcasing a major wormhole battle in 2012. The editing, multiple perspectives and the full audio from the actual battle make it both interesting and informative. A sure recommendation.

CO2 on the Road by KevinleBeu

Circle-Of-Two [CO2] is reborn, and having carved a new home for itself it needed to move its fleet. This is a cinematic video set to some unconventional music showing said move op.

Ramshorn ep03 – Death of a Thanatos by Awulf

A narrated video of a resident of wormhole space and his daily adventures. In this episode, he invades null security space with some friends to sow some chaos.

Bombers Bar – Cause and Effect by TheIncredibleHuKK

A video summarizing the few last weeks of activity from Bombers Bar, the open stealth bomber group. Plenty of explosions captured.

“Иногда..” Vigilant + Ashimmu. Duo PvP EvE Online Highlights. by Religioved

The highlight reel of a streamer, depicting two cruisers and an interceptor roaming low security space in the search for fights. The cruisers are an Ashimmu and a Vigilant. Fits and plenty of demonstrations included.

Do you have any videos that either you have made or watched that you think are particularly good? If so, please feel free to submit them to me on either Twitter (@SalivanHarddin), Gmail ( or via in-game mail (Salivan Harddin). Until next week!

Featured image credit: Exonfang