Estaunitte system, Essence region. On the 23rd of June at 21:24 EVE Standard Time, Snuffed Out [B B C] clashed with Guillotine Syndicate [GS] and Arson Industries [ARSON] forces over an Azbel engineering complex.

The engineering complex in question had been reinforced by Snuffed Out forces as part of their campaign to provoke local residents in order to generate fights. Guillotine Syndicate missed the first reinforcement timer, allowing Snuffed Out to push the structure into its final invulnerability period uncontested. With the structure’s hull set to become vulnerable, Guillotine Syndicate and Arson Industries chose to make a stand.

The two formed a combined Bhaalgorn battleship fleet of 35 pilots, which included a capital squadron, the bulk of it supplied by Arson Industries. The force got in range of the system, waiting on a titan to bridge into the system.

Snuffed Out for its part formed a fleet of Machariel battleships numbering 30 pilots. The force made its way to the system, arriving late due to a previous battle. By that point the structure had already exited its reinforced mode and was attempting to self repair. The Machariel fleet quickly settled on top of the structure and opened fire, halting the self repair countdown and slowly chipping away at its hit points.

With the structure’s hit points slowly dwindling, Snuffed Out brought five combat carriers to hasten its demise. The combat carriers materialized at a cynosural beacon more than 300 kilometers away from the structure. Aligning, the ships launched their fighter squadrons to attack the structure.

Seeing an opportunity, Guillotine Syndicate used a strategic cruiser with a covert configuration to approach the unsuspecting combat carriers. Finally at range, the ship un-cloaked, quickly scrambling two of the five combat carriers and lighting a cynosural beacon. Guillotine Syndicate and Arson Industries’ fleet materialized on grid, its battleships and capitals opening fire on the tackled combat carriers.

The other three combat carriers immediately entered warp and escaped, leaving the two tackled ships to their fate. Guillotine Syndicate and Arson Industries dispatched them with ease, as well as destroying a command ship that warped in to try and help. With the two combat carriers destroyed, the combined Guillotine Syndicate\Arson Industries fleet aligned towards the Azbel, its structure already dipping to 5% and warped to the Snuffed Out Machariels.

Snuffed Out didn’t seem to react to the Guillotine Syndicate\Arson Industries’ arrival and continued to shoot the structure. Yet as the combined fleet landed near them, the fleet lit a cynosural beacon, allowing two force auxiliaries and nearly twenty dreadnoughts to join the field. With the capitals bridged a few more sub capital reinforcements, swelling Snuffed Out ranks to more than 60 pilots.

The two capital forces clashed, dreadnoughts entering siege cycles and opening fire on their hostile counterparts. Snuffed Out, however, had the numerical advantage. With its dreadnoughts it burned through the hostile hulls, bringing down hostile dreadnought after hostile dreadnought. Guillotine Syndicate\Arson Industries attempted to return fire but managed only to fell a single dreadnought in return. With losses mounting up and the fight seemingly hopeless, Guillotine Syndicate\Arson Industries fleet commanders decided to sound the retreat.

Those ships not tackled or engaged in siege cycles warped off or jumped out immediately, prompting Snuffed Out to try and grab tackle on as many fleeing ships as it could. The battleships managed to grab tackle on many of the combat carriers, sealing their fate as the dreadnoughts destroyed them in rapid succession. During the exchange Snuffed Out managed to destroy the Azbel as well, securing the strategic objective as well.

With the last of the defenders destroyed, Snuffed Out forces started extracting their capital assets while looting the field. With the field scavenged and the capital ships safe, the Machariel fleet withdrew from the system, bringing the fight to an end.

Battle report for the Estaunitte system can be found here.

All told the battle raged for 16 minutes with Time Dilation not reported and the system hosting an estimated 100 pilots at the peak of the fighting.

All told Guillotine Syndicate and Arson Industries suffered the brunt of the losses, 17 ships including 5 dreadnoughts, 1 force auxiliary, 8 combat carriers and a single battleship for a total of 54.14 billion ISK damage.
Snuffed Out lost 4 ships in return, including a dreadnought and 2 combat carriers for a total of 8.66 billion ISK damage.


Featured image credit: Razorien