This article continues our (slightly delayed) weekly roundup of propaganda and art themed posts from the Eve community. All content remains the property of the creators.

[Art] Learning to Fly Small Gang Interceptors – Pixel Art Animation from Eve

Our heart goes out to small gang interceptor pilots. Please note, abrupt changes in speed will have an adverse effect on crew integrity. And possibly a pilot’s moral conscience…

Deus Vult! from Eve

Here we can see the clash between the Eastern Allies and Legacy rendered as the Third Crusade. Richard Coeur de Lion brandishes an Erebus against Salidan, who prepares to throw a Ragnarok like a spear. This is a riff off the Holy League, who are a key part of the fight against Legacy. It also makes a point of not equating any one EVE side with the real figures. This might be for the best.

Midsummer in Eve from Eve

Summer in EVE typically brings with low activity – and low defence fleets. But a committed group can muster enough force to wreak havoc in these months. Also it’s probably an elaborate joke about an American movie, but we’re all Brits so we wouldn’t know.

As conflict brews between Legacy and WinterCo/allies, TEST leadership have remarked that ‘all of Eve’ are massing to invade them, prompting some amusing counter propaganda.

TEST prepares to anchor a keepstar from Eve

When TAPI undocks against ~~all of Eve~~ from Eve

Whilst cultivating an image as a solo entity fighting massively outnumbered, Triumvirate are part of a wider group of allies in the East, including WinterCo. Their members can be found on r/eve attempting to solo TEST poster blobs.

"Do you shitpost to escape from reality TRI?" from Eve

TEST borrowing a phrase from Goonswarm to deny content and make the upcoming campaign a war of attrition raising a few brows. Admittedly, given the recent large-scale brawl in L1K1, this might be less applicable now.

Content – Legacy’s True Enemy from Eve

The current state of TEST/Tri relations. from Eve

Be careful of who you have among your ranks, Legacy from Eve

This is a warning about WinterCo spies infiltrating Legacy. From anecdotal evidence, Legacy is not particularly concerned. It seems they were more interested in the excellent art than the message. That’s actually pretty reasonable – it’s a cute picture!

One of them will not make it through the war… Who will it be? from Eve

The inviolability of TEST is fairly unquestionable. However, the three Legacy alliances living in Impass are a little more uncertain. TRIposters, in search of a new FCON, suggest here that one of these alliances will collapse. Attempts to attain comment were met with assorted, vaguely mocking, animal noises. We will keep you in the loop.

XiX Fidelity Test from Eve

Following X.I.X’s invitation to couch surf with Legacy, they announced a (not-quite) independent campaign in Tenerifis (a region no one quite knows how to spell). Our crack team of rapporteurs suggests, from extensive on the ground analysis (read: 3 BRs), that the war effort is mostly Legacy.

The Sword Which Speaks Only Truth from Eve

Horde’s got in some good dunks lately. PL hasn’t. Hence this comparison in the comic.

No mining in Rorquals from Eve

Closely related to the above, Goonswarm managed to bag a respectable number of PL Rorquals without resistance in one go. Catlos was on the scene to document the situation for GSF Ministry of Truth. Reports questioning his integrity have been absolutely and categorically dismissed.

They be rippin off errybody! from Eve

The Star Citizen vs Eve Online war now escalating to involve power tools. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Some recent screenshots from Luminaire

This blog is worth checking for quality screenshots

Refer to our above item on Tenerifis – same story, different content!

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Featured image credit: rfb420