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NER News at 7 o’clock. This is Hugh Caswakk. Good evening.

Legacy forces prepare to defend their Fortizar in the critical system of T2-V8F, following a setback earlier today.

GOTG loses Fortizar and capital force to Imperium attack in KU5R-W.

Here Be Dragons lose supercapitals to combined Black Legion/GSF force.

Black Legion anchors Fortizar in LK1K-5; joins the action against Legacy.

GOTG coalition standing fleet in action against GSF


Legacy faces a challenge in the system of T2-V8F, Tenerifis. It contains the regional gate from Tenerifis to Feythabolis and played host to a Legacy jump bridge. However, a few days ago it was taken by Eastern Allies forces. Earlier today, around 1200 EVE, Winter Coalition decided to anchor a Fortizar in the system to defend against Legacy counter-attack.

Legacy formed to attack it but failed to gain the critical mass of capital ships in the timezone. WinterCo deployed ~40 carriers around the structure to pick off the attackers with long-range fighters. Unable to force the issue without severe casualties, Legacy declined to continue fighting.

However, WinterCo is not content to just place their Fortizar in the system. They believe that they must destroy the Legacy Fortizar in T2 to ensure security in Tenerifis. Its armor timer starts at 2200 EVE today. It is understood that Legacy will deploy a significant force to defend it.

If this Legacy Fortizar were destroyed, their operations in southern Tenerifis would be significantly complicated. Further, given the ongoing failure of XiX/Legacy efforts in northern Tenerifis, a retreat from T2 might signify an end to this theatre of the war. NER will keep you updated as the situation progresses.


At 1025 EVE today, GOTG proxies French ConneXion lost an anchoring Fortizar in KU5R-W. Imperium scouts spotted the structure this morning. INIT, aided by a fleet from GSF, went to destroy it. French ConneXion notified GOTG of the threat. GOTG responded by mustering a subcapital and capital fleet. Supercapitals were also formed for the action, but they did not take part.

GOTG moved 14 carriers onto an Astrahus on the grid with the anchoring Fortizar. GSF bridged their sub-capitals onto the carriers, while INIT sent their sub-capitals onto the Fortizar. GOTG undocked their FAXes in staging at DO6 and jumped them onto the carriers. It is believed that their super/titan force planned to jump – but KUR is not in jump range of OD6.

The Imperium dropped dreadnoughts from SIGs in Pure Blind onto the carriers and FAXes, destroying a substantial number of them. They then killed the Fortizar and evacuated cleanly.

The toll stands at 1.79bn lost by the Imperium vs. 55.96bn lost by GOTG and proxies.


Here Be Dragons, the DARKNESS renter alliance, suffered significant losses in 52G-NZ, Branch, between 1909 and 1938 EVE last night. It is understood that an Imperium hunting fleet tackled a Here Be Dragons Rorqual. The Rorqual went into PANIC and brought in a sizeable capital response fleet. This forced off the Imperium hunters.

However, Black Legion forces in the area proceeded to drop on the Here Be Dragons response. Bringing in a substantial contingent of supercarriers, supported by dreadnoughts and sub-caps, they made quick work of the Dragons. The Imperium hunters circled back in on the action. Though both the initially tackled Rorqual and one of the two Nyx’s in the fleet escaped, 1 Aeon and 1 Nyx were destroyed. This stands along numerous FAX casualties.


At around 0200 EVE today, it was posted on r/Eve that Black Legion had deployed a Fortizar in LK1K-5. This indicates that Black Legion has come to join the Eastern Allies in the effort against Legacy. Given that Black Legion is nomadic, it is likely that they are bringing both capitals and supercapitals to the fight.

Considering that they have some veteran pilots and FCs, even their relatively small numbers will influence the balance of power in the area.

This move does, however, lend some credence to the idea that the current eastern affair is a matter of ‘Legacy vs. the entire rest of the universe.’ NER will keep you updated as the situation develops.


To counteract GSF cloaky camping efforts (under the banner of the National Goon Surveillance Agency), GOTG has created a coalition standing fleet. This operates in Deklein, from the GOTG staging system of ZOYW-O. It musters an online group of capital pilots from across GOTG together so that they can swiftly save any tackled krabs.

One of its first tests came around 1049 EVE on the 2nd of June. A small Imperium Loki gang attempted to destroy two GOTG Rorquals. The Rorquals swiftly went into PANIC and called in the standing fleet – driving the attackers off.

Some have criticised the fleet as limited in scope and capabilities. However, others – such as Imperium Strategic Military Director Asher Elias, have reacted somewhat positively.

NER will keep you updated as the northern situation progresses.

For now, that’s how it is in New Eden. Goodnight.


Featured image credit: Adan Dimaloun