The Imperium agreement is a couple of months old, but I only just found about it and think it’s interesting.

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NER News at 7 o’clock. This is Hugh Caswakk. Good evening.

Southern forces repelled an assault on Fraternity Fortizar in T2-V8F.

Eastern Allies mount an offensive into Impass, Feythabolis, Tenerifis; fierce Legacy resistance encountered.

Imperium inks “no cloaky camping” agreement with Winter Coalition

Imperium force takes losses in Fade from CO2 Munnin fleet.


In the past few days, the conflict has been building in the critical system of T2-V8F, Tenerifis. T-2 holds a regional gate from Tenerifis to Feythabolis and has also been used as a waystation for Legacy operations in the region.

It plays host to a Legacy Fortizar. However, the iHub and TCU belong to Fraternity following an earlier offensive. WinterCo has anchored their own Fortizar in T-2. Legacy knows that it must be destroyed if they want to retake the system.

Therefore, around 1430 on the 5th of June, 574 southern pilots (mostly GSF and TEST) went into action. Their objective was to hit the armor timer of the WinterCo Fortizar, so rendering it vulnerable to destruction. However, the Eastern Allies were aware of the attack. They deployed a substantial capital force, backed up by supercapitals, along with a HAC fleet and a bomber wing.

The first blood went to the south, destroying a set of Eastern bombers. However, despite this success, they could not maintain momentum against the Fortizar in the face of enemy capital superiority. The southerners declined to bring in their capitals or supercapital assets. After an hour and a half of bitter fighting, the southern forces departed the field, having failed to reinforce the Fortizar.

The toll stands at 30.41bn lost by the Southern Forces, vs 8.98bn lost by the Eastern Allies.


The Eastern Allies have not been idle in the Southern War, mounting a three-pronged offensive over the last few days. Firstly, they created a number of iHub timers in Impass and Immensea for the 5th of July.

The majority of these timers were not contested, though Yulai Federation did lose a hub in QI-S. The other iHub severely attacked was in TM-0, Impass. Though the Eastern Allies brought a robust force of T2 and T3 cruisers, Legacy burst-jammers and Claws won the engagement.

The second prong of the attack was from Pandemic Legion in ABE-M2, Tenerifis. This system plays host to a Legacy Fortizar. PL deployed a ~75-pilot Cerberus fleet, with long-range dreadnought support, to reinforce the structure. They expected Legacy to bring a bomber fleet. However, according to Legacy sources, they withdrew when Legacy deployed Nightmares.

Lastly, the Eastern Allies have taken action in Feythabolis. Two Legacy faction Fortizars have been reinforced into structure timers in the region, though eight other Fortizars were also defended. Based on this, it seems plausible that there will be growing conflict on this southern flank.

The likelihood of action is only increased by the movement of a small number of Pandemic Legion supercapitals to Feythabolis. NER military observer Philip Ricker identified them as belonging to the PL shield super SIG ‘Sieg Hel.’ Though it is not believed that they have sufficient force to hold grid alone against Legacy, they will probably prove an enhancement to Eastern efforts in the campaign.


The Imperium has officially agreed to avoid cloaky camping against Winter Coalition and visa versa. It is believed that this was a pre-emptive defense to prevent a reaction to the institution of the Northern Goon Surveillance Agency. It is notable that while Ranger Regiment is included in this agreement, their territory in the north is not defended.

The full text of this memorandum can be seen below:

Winter Coalition – The Imperium Non-Cloaky Camping Agreement

Goonswarm Federation and its allies (Goonswarm Federation, Get Off My Lawn, The Bastion, The Initiative., Initiative Mercenaries, Tactical Narcotics Team, Snuffed Out) agree not to cloaky camp and not to hire or assist any other entities to cloaky camp Winter Coalition and its allies (Fraternity., Ranger Regiment, The Therapists, STARCHASER Alliance) systems in (Detorid, Immensea, Insmother, Scalding Pass and Wicked Creek).

Winter Coalition and its allies (Fraternity., Ranger Regiment, The Therapists, STARCHASER Alliance) agree not to cloaky camp and not to hire or assist any other entities to cloaky camp Goonswarm Federation and its allies (Goonswarm Federation, Get Off My Lawn, The Bastion, The Initiative., Initiative Mercenaries, Tactical Narcotics Team, Snuffed Out) systems in (Cloud Ring, Delve, Fountain, Period Basis and Querious).

Neither Goonswarm Federation and its allies, nor Winter Coalition and its allies are restricted by this agreement with regard to their bluelists, and this agreement does not necessitate a blue relationship between two entities.

Non-catastrophic violations, such as rogue members, do not necessarily constitute nullifying the above agreements, but open line of diplomatic communication is to be expected.


(1) The above Agreement has been negotiated and executed by both parties in English. In the event any translation of the above Agreement is prepared for convenience or any other purpose, the provisions of the English version shall prevail.

(2) Terms and Conditions for the above Agreement shall be revisited every three months by both parties after last date of approval, and to be renewed upon both parties re-approval.


Note this news item is currently incorrect – there will be corrections.

Between around 1700 and 1900 EVE yesterday, CO2 and the Imperium clashed in a messy action across O-CN, DW- and VRH in Fade. It appears from the battle-report that the action was precipitated by a CO2 Sotiyo being vulnerable. The Imperium deployed a substantial Ishtar fleet backed up Jackdaws and bombers. CO2 fielded a slightly smaller Munnin fleet.

It appears that CO2, while not dealing substantial damage to the Ishtars, was able to inflict significant casualties on the bombers and Jackdaws. The battle ended with the Sotiyo standing, and 22.01bn ISK lost by the Imperium vs 1.77bn lost by CO2.

For now, that’s how it is in New Eden. Goodnight.

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Featured image credit: Adan Dimaloun