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NER News at 7 o’clock. This is Hugh Caswakk. Good evening.

Pandemic Legion has moved its supercapital fleet southwards to attack Legacy.

BRAVE move-op destroyed in 3L3N-X by Eastern Allies.

The coalition The Seventh Estate, headed by Jin’taan, is relocating to attack Eastern Allies home areas.

Legacy clashes with Eastern Allies in IPX-H5; 4 Rorquals down.


At around 2000 EVE yesterday, it became apparent that Pandemic Legion was moving their supercapital force south. This follows a previous capital deployment in support of the Eastern Allies. Pandemic Legion will add substantially to the Eastern Allies’ capacity against Legacy.

From this DScan, it seems that PL has sent 183 FAXes, 128 supercarriers and 97 titans. Sourcing from this zKill analysis, this fleet comprises the entirety of active PL supercapitals. However, we should not discount further ships from previously inactive pilots resubbing for the war, arriving later to the theatre.

When combined with current Eastern Allies supercapitals, the total is 259 titans and 623 supercarriers. This is pitched against Legacy’s force of 99 titans and 396 supercarriers. This count is imperfect, and there are numerous other factors which influence the conflict. Nevertheless, it does suggest that Legacy is outgunned.

NER asked a Legacy FC, who prefers not to be named, for comment on the PL deployment. He said that:

Supercap supremacy, and titan supremacy in particular, is a pretty game-ending thing. With the numbers we’ve seen versus the numbers Legacy has, Legacy has lost any chance of titan supremacy unless Goons decide to commit to the war on Legacy’s side.

NER also reached out to Doomchinchilla, of Pandemic Legion, for comment on why PL had made this move. He said that:

We’re not down here for good fights. And we don’t care about if pgl or vily thinks we’re blobbong [sic]. They’ve talked so much shit about PL and how we aren’t committed to our deploys and how TEST is this battle hardened group. Well we’re here to tell them to nut up or shut up. They’re going to be homeless soon.

NER cannot comment on the veracity of Doomchinchilla’s claim of upcoming eviction for Legacy. It can certainly be said, however, that the conflict is escalating dramatically.


Between 1656 and 1707 EVE, a BRAVE move-op was ambushed by the Eastern Allies in the system of 3L3N-X, Tenerifis.

It appears that this small operation was focused on moving four Hel carriers to DY-, current Legacy staging for the war. They were noticed jumping into TM-0P2, Impass, by a Parroto Social Club scout. He notified his allies, and they bet the Hels would then jump to 3L3. The Eastern Allies spun up an interception force.

Within a few more minutes, the BRAVE fleet jumped into 3L3. They were promptly bubbled by an Eastern heavy interdictor, which lit a cyno for more tackle and DPS, including numerous supercapitals. Their in-cyno was destroyed to prevent reinforcement.

They lit another cyno on a dreadnought, in order to bring in FAXes. This dreadnought, however, was destroyed before sufficient weight of FAXes could be fielded. A small kitchen-sink BRAVE subcapital fleet attempted to clear tackle, but this effort was defeated by Eastern Ally Nightmare and Cerberus fleets.

The toll stands at 154.28bn ISK lost by BRAVE, vs 0 ISK lost by the Eastern Allies.


The coalition The Seventh Estate, led by Jin’taan, is relocating from Immensea. The coalition is made up of Red Noise, Synergy of Steel, Manifesto, Sl0W CHILDREN AT PLAY, and Blue Sun Interstellar Technologies.

Previously, they have been active in Immensea, taking systems from Winter Coalition. This has reportedly been an enjoyable process of skirmish and small-gang warfare. They had planned to continue this effort and therefore seize non-Legacy Immensea. However, the significant increase in the scale of fighting in Immensea over the past weeks has rendered this plan problematic.

Therefore, the coalition will be moving. In an analysis of their State of the Coalition published by INN on July 4th, it was understood that:

They plan to focus on the renting grounds of Panfam and Fraternity, making use of cloaky campers to live on top of them. They have done this in Immensea successfully before, and now will do it in regions that it is harder for their enemies to get to them in.

Rumour that the target might be PL owned Tenal could not be verified by Jin’taan.


Around 1340 EVE today, 4 Legacy Rorquals were destroyed in the system of IPX-H5, Estoria, by Eastern Allies forces – mostly from Winter Coalition. The action appears to have started at around 1330 when a WinterCo HAC and bomber fleet attacked the Rorquals. They went into PANIC, but because IPX is not within easy range of current Legacy stager DY-, they did not receive immediate support.

When PANIC ended, EA dreadnoughts were brought in to reduce the Rorquals. The last of the four fell at 1346 EVE. Legacy declined to answer this attack with substantial capital or supercapital forces. This may be wise, as NER understands the assault to have partially been about baiting out Legacy capitals.

Instead, it sent in a Hurricane battlecruiser fleet. This permitted two Rorquals to escape. However, the Hurricane fleet took serious losses in the engagement. The action ended at around 1430 EVE, with Legacy having lost 60.85bn ISK vs 14.04bn lost by the Eastern Allies.

For now, that’s the way it is in New Eden.

As mentioned above, I’ll be taking a week off. This is because I’ve been writing EVE content near-daily since January. My break in June was for exams, which aren’t precisely a relaxing experience! In brief and without more pity-partying – I’m a spot burnt out.

While I maintain that I’m not pushing any agenda in these reports, it cannot be denied that quality has declined notably over the past couple of weeks. Verifying facts has become increasingly rare, correction policy has disappeared, and miscommunication is rife.

I appreciate that a week’s absence at the start of the biggest EVE war in the past few years might be annoying from a news perspective. However, I believe it is a greater disservice to the EVE community to post badly than to not post for a little bit. If you’ve got any tips or comments for NER while I’m away, please feel free to send them to Curt#8110 on Discord.