At around 2335 EVE today, NER was alerted to the Imperium moving a substantial supercapital fleet to J5A-IX, Fountain. This system plays host to a keepstar and is owned by The Initiative. J5A is INIT staging and is customarily used as forward deployment for GSF operations in the north.

Eyes on the grid say that local is over 500, though dropping.

A partial DScan of the system can be found here. This is not a complete fleet scan, just a system scan. Due to the presence of the keepstar, pilots can jump and immediately dock – complicating the numbers.

That said, it is possible that this is a feint or a partial deployment. The DScans we do have do not necessarily suggest the full force of the GSF/Imperium supercapital fleet on the move. More details as this story develops.

This builds on a previously leaked ping from GSF, that they were going to war. Their target is presumably CO2, living in Fade, and the broader GOTG concentrated in Deklein. This is the understanding of GOTG leadership.

It is notable that J5A contains a regional gate to the Cloud Ring system of B-DBYQ. Local count is dropping. It is possible that Imperium forces are moving directly to Cloud Ring, logging off in the keepstar, or jumping to a cyno. We can make no definitive statement on numbers or destination at this time.

We will keep you updated as more details emerge.