Kamela system, The Bleak Lands region. In the early hours of the 7th of July, Hull Penetration [FCKRS] and Siege Green [SGGRN] forces clashed in the system.

Siege Green instigated the battle. The alliance had reinforced an Azbel and Raitaru engineering complexes belonging to Hull Penetration. With both structures set to exit their final timer on the 7th of July, the alliance prepared to face some stiff opposition.

Thus, Siege Green assembled 90 pilots to form an Apocalypse Navy Issue battleship fleet with force auxiliary support, two squadrons of combat carriers and two squadrons of dreadnoughts. The force itself bridged into the system, bringing in only its sub-capital portion with a couple of force auxiliaries and several dreadnoughts fitted with long range weaponry. The fleet materialized 290 kilometers away from the stricken structure and set up there, its dreadnoughts waiting for its invulnerability period to expire before opening fire to chip away at the hit points as well as pause the self repair timer.

Hull Penetration organized a fleet to defend the structure. 45 pilots formed a Bhaalgorn battleship fleet with a few force auxiliaries and a dreadnought squadron in tow. At the same time, knowing almost certainly that Siege Green would out escalate them, called potential allies to bolster its forces. It managed to secure the aid of a Northern Coalition [NC] dreadnought squadron and Black Legion [.MEN.] which formed a 70 pilot Muninn heavy assault cruiser fleet. With its allies organizing and its structure already under assault, the Bhaalgorn fleet warped with its capitals to the Azbel. Once landed, it aligned towards the Siege Green fleet and initiated a second warp. Landing on top of the hostile dreadnoughts, the fleet opened fire, and the battle officially started.

The two groups brawled on top of the Siege Green dreadnoughts. The Hull Penetration dreadnoughts entered their siege cycles and began targeting the hostile force auxiliaries. Siege Green in turn focused on the hostile dreadnoughts while lighting two cynosural beacons. One brought forth the reserve dreadnoughts which hit the field, entered their siege cycles and opened fire on their counterparts. The second beacon, lit 50 kilometers away from the melee, allowed the Siege Green combat carriers to jump through. Once loaded, the carriers let loose their squadrons of fighters, adding their firepower to the dreadnoughts. The fight had become a full capital brawl.

Black Legion made it to the system at this point, its Muninn fleet warping at medium range from the fight. Once landed, the heavy assault cruisers opened fire, their artillery cannons targeting Hull Penetration. As it turned out, the alliance didn’t come to support Hull Penetration but act as a third party. However, since Black Legion and Siege Green have good diplomatic standings, this meant their target bank was limited only to Hull Penetration and some of Siege Green’s allies. The Muninns drove into the melee, pumping artillery shells into hostile dreadnoughts and battleships as they entered the thick of it.

Naturally, things went badly for Hull Penetration. Outnumbered and outgunned, the alliance continued to fight, trying to bring down as many hostile capital ships as it could. Though in the first volleys it was able to bring down a Ninazu force auxiliary and a few hostile dreadnoughts, as the fight continued its firepower was quickly mitigated by Siege Green’s force auxiliaries. Siege Green had its own dreadnoughts exit siege cycles in order to receive remote repairs from the force auxiliaries. This caused much of Hull Penetration’s damage output to be soaked up by a single target while Siege Green was free to continue and burn through the hostile dreadnoughts, its fighter squadrons more than making up for loss of overall firepower due to their dreadnoughts exiting siege cycles.

Though seemingly a losing situation, Northern Coalition joined the fray, a cynosural beacon lighting up on the field. 12 of their dreadnoughts materialized on the field and entered siege cycles immediately, adding their firepower as well to the mix. Yet, even with the Northern Coalition reinforcements the outcome remained the same. All Northern Coalition was contributing were more ships for the slaughter.

Dreadnought after dreadnought succumbed to the continued assault of Siege Green and Black Legion In short time, most of the capital force of Hull Penetration and Northern Coalition lay in ruin. Realizing quickly that continuing hostilities would be futile and only serve to increase losses, Hull Penetration sought to disengage. It soon became apparent that even disengaging would be hard as while the two battleship fleets had been brawling, Siege Green and Black Legion had tackled many of their ships with ease. As individual ships attempted to withdraw, the Muninns and Apocalypse Navy Issue pressed their advantage. Artillery cannons and pulse laser batteries cut down the now unsupported fleeing ships.

Finally, with the remnants of the fleet withdrawing, Siege Green and Black Legion took control of the field. Black Legion itself hovered around, attempting and managing to kill a few of Siege Green’s allies as well as pushing out a small Sev3rance [-7-] Cerberus heavy assault gang which had stumbled upon the battlefield and mainly picked out stragglers on the periphery of the fight. Yet, with Siege Green’s force auxiliaries able to focus their remote repairers better with the Hull Penetration fleet gone, the Muninn fleet wasn’t able to break the hostile ships’ tank. Instead it focused its firepower on the Hull Penetration Azbel, which had been slowly losing health through the fight. With the Azbel destroyed, the Muninn fleet continued to loiter in the system, destroying one of Siege Green’s allied combat carriers later on but otherwise leaving the field to Siege Green.

Siege Green having won the battle, and its objective looted the field before extracting its capital assets. With its dreadnoughts and combat carriers for the most part safe, the battleship fleet withdrew as well, ending large scale hostilities in the system and bringing an end to the battle itself.

The battle from the perspective of the Black Legion Muninn fleet

The battle from the perspective of the Siege Green capital escalation squadron

Battle report for the Kamela system can be found here.

All told the battle lasted 28 minutes with Time Dilation spiking a couple of times, reaching 80% and quickly subsiding. The system itself hosted 286 pilots at the peak of the fighting.

Hull Penetration and Northern Coalition. suffered the brunt of the losses, 57 including 21 dreadnoughts, 3 force auxiliaries and 19 battleships for a grand total 97.67 billion ISK damage including the Azbel engineering complex loss.

Siege Green lost 13 ships including 3 dreadnoughts, 2 force auxiliaries, 1 combat carrier and 3 battleships for a total of 17.18 billion ISK damage.

Black Legion and other third parties lost 5 ships in total, including 1 heavy assault cruiser for a total of 568 million ISK damage.


Featured image credit: Razorien