In addition to our normal propaganda roundup, here’s a roundup of the initial wave of propaganda related to the current conflict brewing in the south-east. This may appear to be content stealing. It might be in some ways, but these posts also deserve promoting outside of r/eve and twitter for those who can’t or won’t follow those platforms. Bearing in mind how fast these items drop off the front page, it is easy to miss individual pieces if you take a few days away from game (and a lot of people are away on holidays at the moment). It’s also an attempt to document the prop side of the conflict everyone is excited about, as a historical resource and to assist others in the media meta long-term as a record.

As a lot of this material is pulled from r/eve (all content remains the property of the creators) or twitter, and we do not wish to endorse any side to the detriment of others, please get in touch with submissions. If you are part of a group whose prop may get shouted down in the dominant channels, please get in touch so we can try to help make sure that you get the opportunity to get some coverage.

Also if you are part of a groups who are represented here in a negative light, remember that we did not create these representations, and would invite you to take them in good spirit or beat your enemies up, then send us a screenie. With a solid tagline.

There will be no commentary for these articles to avoid any accusations of bias or impropriety directed at NER staff. Click the links and work it out for yourself, or feel free to join our Discord with any queries. You can also message me direct at Marsha Mallow#3633.

Burn Immensea. from Eve

Anticipation from Eve

Vily ponders war. from Eve

Maybe i have not been in many sieges like this, but the tactics used kinda resembled someone poking another person with a stick from Eve

Eve personalities reimagined, part 4: Progodlegend from Eve

The long arms of the HRE reach south… from Eve

TEST rewards its allies for their unwavering service from Eve

No Refunds from Eve

Anonymous source provides inside look to PL’s most recent move-op. from Eve

Another One from Eve

A pretty screenshot I got on today’s move op from Eve

Everyone Versus Everyone: World War EvE has officially begun! (PL Supercap fleet deployed to Tenerifis, 2018, colourized) from Eve

Experts say there is nothing we can do about it. Probably. from Eve

TEST receives news that PL is moving supers south (2018, colorized) from Eve


Skymarshal Vily charging into battle [dated M2-018] from Eve

Used Memesalesvily from Eve

We need you against PL! Join us today! We will win! from Eve

TAPI dreams from Eve

Imperium forces seen moving to fountain. from Eve

Early July in a Nutshell from Eve

Bovril Goes To War! from Eve

"Goons answer TAPI’s Plea for help" Art done by Mossy from Eve

EvE-Ball | Some big toys are about to Clash! from Eve

Featured image credit: u/rfb420