Developing Story – Goon Keepstar Goes Online In The North

(Additional Footage by Wulkans)

On the 12th of July, Goonswarm Federation had a Keepstar coming online in the system of 6RCQ-V in Cloud Ring. Pandemic Horde and Circle of Two, among others, sought to prevent the Keepstar from successfully coming online…

The nearly 700-strong group of attackers made their move, utilizing a combination of doctrines ranging from Rohks and Gilas to bombers. Goonswarm and its allies showed up in force to ensure its Keepstar came online, defending the keepstar with a super-capital fleet. This capital force was supported by numerous – fleets of all sizes.

Goonswarm was not alone, however, Legacy coalition showed up in support of their now blue Imperium allies bringing a Cerberus fleet as well as a Munin fleet. While the attackers were able to pause the Keepstar repair timer initially, and had a capital force of their own ready to respond, they ultimately did not commit these assets to the engagement. Between Ti-Di, disconnects and subcap numbers declining, they were unable to keep the Keepstar paused, allowing it to come online and costing the attackers over 150 billion Isk in the process. This structure will serve as a staging point for Goons in their move against the Northern entities.


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Video by Tristan Enkura and text by aragornpc94 for New Eden Report.