It’s time to catch up with the most recent changes in the two war-zones of the conflicts between the Empires of New Eden.

  • After weeks of intense fighting, the besieged Caldari systems of Oicx and Eha fall to GalMil, and war zone control swings back to the Gallente.
  • In the fallout of (yet another) civil war, the recent Amarr militia momentum comes to a halt, and multiple Fortizars are lost in big brawls.
  • Multiple powerful pirate groups remain active in low-security space, sometimes functioning as batphones for the militias.
  • In all this turmoil, solo PvP pilots try to carve out a niche for themselves.

Evidently, a lot is still going on in both faction warfare and beyond – but will it be enough to revise our evaluation of low-security space as a dust bowl, finding itself in dire need of new targeted content from CCP? Read on to find out.

GalMil Victorious in Eha

After the strategically placed system of Oicx, held by CalMil powerhouse alliance The Bloc (BLOC), fell to a sustained siege by the GalMil alliance Federation Uprising (FEDUP), the Gallente militia’s attention turned to Eha, The Bloc’s home system. As previously reported on 1900 News, “Eha was a full-blown GalMil offensive with YUGE, Pen Is Out, Villore Accords, and GOG fully committing” along with FEDUP. As a result, even though Templis CALSF came to the defense of their CalMil coalition partners and participated in defense fleets, the Gallente blitz was too powerful, and the siege ended in a matter of days.

GalMil forces continued to raze Oicx and Eha, removing all CalMil structures – mostly uncontested – from both systems, until only Fort Bloc remained. This is BLOC’s home Fortizar in Eha. Two big brawls ensued when GalMil attempted to destroy it, with CalMil enlisting the aid of Shadow Cartel to make up for its numerical disadvantage when facing a united GalMil, and NC. third-partying on the second attempt to take out the Fortizar.

This is the situation today: momentum and war zone control have solidly swung back to Gallente Militia, though Fort Bloc still stands. According to The Bloc spokesman Corvus Onzo, the embattled alliance will not give up its resistance:

“Our members remain loyal to the Alliance and are are [sic] single-minded in taking the fight to Gal Mil, especially FEDUP. We aim to not only take our home back, but to show the enemy that we will not fold, even if all our structures were to be destroyed and our systems were captured.

Our alliance is built on more than how many Citadels we have or the systems we control. It’s our loyalty to our allies, our alliance and our fellow pilots that has enabled us to last this long against such stacked odds.”

Meanwhile, reports are coming in stating that CO2 has started attacking Galmilistan (the area of Cloud Ring nullsec space held by the GalMil coalition), with timers currently active for four systems held by FEDUP. In addition, Goonswarm Federation onlined a Keepstar in 6RCQ-V. Interestingly, they did not tell their GalMil allies in FEDUP of their plans to do so.

Recent intel indicates that GalMil plans to deploy back into their Cloud Ring space of GalMilistan, and will officially become blue to The Imperium for the conflict’s duration:

Silver [FEDUP / XO] – Today at 5:57 AM
@everyone while we wait for the full SOTA to be posted there is some important information I want to make sure you all have right away. If you’re in NULL SEC you may notice that the Imperium is now set Blue. We are returning to NULL sec everyone. If youre not aware, the Summer is heating up with activity. The skirmishing in the south between the forces of Legacy Coalition (TEST, BRAVE exct..) and Winter Coalition (FRT, Tri, exct…) has now sparked a fire in the North. The Imperium anchored a Super Capital Staging Keep Star in 6RCQ. There was a massive fight to online the structure in the USTZ last night. FEDUP is going to be involved in this Summer War on the side of the Imperium. I wont steal Kontras thunder but we are mutually blue for the duration of the conflict. That being said, please be a little careful in the early days. The Imperium is Huge and not everyone may have gotten the message yet. Watch for recording incoming, any questions please DM me.

Whether CalMil will use the break to regain its footing or whether it too will become involved in the spreading war between the nullsec blocs remains to be seen.

Civil War and More in Amarr-Minmatar Space

The Minmatar faction has dominated the Amarr-Minmatar war zone for a long time, with the Ushra’Khan alliance winning the significant engagements. A few months back, we saw the Amarr resurge, fueled in part by some newcomers to the militia. These included Aggressive Feeding, with CSM member Suitonia and Maglor Shaye as some of its driving forces. Their assault on the critical system of Dal generated a lot of content. In the meantime, other forces headed by Ungentlemanly Warfare (UGW) started flipping system after system. Amarr momentum grew to such an extent that after a while the war zone began to swing their way, aided by an influx of Caldari farmers.

With the conflict slowly drying out and pirate groups such as Immediate Destruction (.IED) dropping capitals and supercapitals on IHub fights, affairs that are typically reserved to battleship-class and smaller vessels, the outlook for Amarr militia soured. After a while, so did the coalition’s internal relations.

Indeed, for the umpteenth time in its history, Amarr Mil experienced a civil war, with Two Maidens One Chalice (TMOCC) in a starring role. TMOCC declared war on some other militia members, and soon enough, a full-blown civil war was raging, complete with /r/eve shitposting, and eventually culminating in this week’s loss of a TMOCC Fortizar in Asghed (BR) to a variety of forces… including some Amarr militia corporations.

Despite all this, some in Amarr militia believe that this is just a temporary setback. In the words of Balzora of Ungentlemanly Warfare (UGW) alliance:

“The Amarr-Minmatar war zone is alive and kicking – after pushing the Minmatar down they came back after a month swinging, the Amarr are now defending hard, but the Slaves EU timezone rolls systems faster than we can deplex them at the moment… So we have picked some key systems and are defending these bastions and stocking up so we can launch a counter offensive the second they lose steam.”

“As for the TMOCC Civil war we are trying to stop that and are in peace talks right now. We shall see if the hatchet is buried. In fact we did a joint defence of Uusanen today, so that helped restore some trust. But time will tell… For the most part with the uptake in Matari activity I believe that refocusing against them is the way forward!”

Indeed, after talking to different contacts in Amarr militia, it became clear that Balzora’s optimistic outlook is shared by many – while the Matari are currently capping more systems, AmarrMil’s morale remains high and they are far from defeated.

Here Be Pirates – Still…

Of course, low-security space is not all faction warfare space, although the most lively systems definitely are part of the warzones. That said, a fair number of powerful pirate groups still call lowsec their homes, even though some of the older pirate alliances have collapsed or moved out of lowsec (Waffles, for example, folded into Pandemic Legion and abandoned its former home in Kinakka), a number of these fearsome groups persist.
Their politics and activity are as quite often as shady as their names would suggest, and they do not draw the kind of attention that similarly powerful entities in nullsec would receive.

Some of the notable and active groups include Shadow Cartel, Siege Green, Snuffed Out, Panic Attack, and No Handlebars. You’ll find them gate camping, roaming in small gangs of high-end ships and of course, in mostly all big structure fights, at least one of these entities will show up – whether invited or not. Opportunities to use their (super)capital fleets are rare enough…

The Lost Dream of Solo PvP

Besides faction warfare pilots, large pirate alliances, and the occasional wandering carebear who took a wrong turn out of a highsec system, there is one last player in the low-security space ecosystem: solo PvP pilot. They come in many variants, ranging from Garmur pilots with high-grade Snake pods swinging through space at absurd space to (fool?)hardy veterans who swear by Tech 1 frigates only, “no drugs no implants”.

For both these extremes of the spectrum of solo PvP pilots, finding fights as a solo pilot in low-security space has become more difficult than ever. As there is little reason for capsuleers who are not yet part of larger groups to enter low-security space at all, their possible targets are few and far between. Those pilots out and about tend to be very risk averse – is it the fear of losing a ship or is it the killboard fetish that drives people to only takes fights that they know they will win?

Whatever the cause may be, quite often the only way to get a fight as a solo pilot is to either fly something obviously underpowered in the meta or to risk flying a blingy ship and try to take on the inevitable blob.

As you can see, low-security space is far from a wasteland today – although large swaths of it definitely are – and people still call it their home and fight bloody battles over its control and structures. But do we need more reasons for people to live in it, besides its obvious call to the free spirits who fill the ranks of pirate groups and militia corporations, for whom large nullsec blocs may be too much of a constraint? Dedicated PvE and better income streams for militia groups, more reasons for new players to take that first jump into lowsec and click away that nuisance of a warning that they are entering a dangerous area of space.


Featured and secondary image credit: Razorien