NER News at 7 o’clock. This is Hugh Caswakk. Good evening.

Imperium forces stand down from assault on CO2 keepstar armour timer due to cyno-jammer oversight.

Legacy keepstar in 4-GB14 destroyed by North Eastern Association forces.

Provibloc anchors keepstar in 9UY4-H.

Ranger Regiment sustains heavy losses in Hard Knocks/Lazerhawks/TISHU ambush.


On Friday the 13th, a small Imperium force reinforced the shield of the CO2 keepstar in DW-T2I, Fade. This led to an armour timer for 1930 EVE on Saturday the 14th. Both the Northern Bloc and the Imperium formed large supercapital fleets for the engagement.

However, an oversight in Imperium command allowed CO2 to online a cyno-jammer in the system. A cyno-jammer prevents the lighting of cynosural beacons, in turn preventing the Imperium from jumping into the system and bypassing the stargate.

Imperium offensive logisticians (mostly from Goonswarm Offensive Logistics, GSOL) had anchored POS towers at all but two of the moons in DW. The POS at the unclaimed moons were both reinforced prior to the timer. This was intended to make it impossible for a cyno-jammer to be deployed.

Unfortunately for the Imperium, it is possible to online a cyno-jammer on a reinforced POS tower, a fact seemingly forgotten or overlooked by Imperium command. CO2 promptly online a jammer, preventing the Imperium from jumping forces into the system.

The gate from O-CNPR into DW-T2I was heavily defended by Northern Bloc forces. Imperium high command judged that attempting to storm the gate would lead to prohibitively high losses. Therefore, around 1830 EVE, the Imperium stood down. There was a much smaller engagement early this morning, when Northern Bloc forces attempted to reinforce an Imperium fortizar in Korasen, Black Rise. This was a defeat for the Northern Bloc, losing 15.38bn vs the Imperium’s 4.02bn.

In a formal statement provided to NER, RiotRick (SLYCE Alliance Executor, GOTG, Northern Bloc) said that:

Seemingly evac’d and dead North, the Goons did a u-turn and retreated from engaging the Co2 KeepStar. This was their time to do revenge against their former ally. Posted on reddit, pinged in their coalition, they had us surrounded, we are evacuating, etc etc.

And faced with a fight, when the line on the sand was drawn, Asher Elias backed down.

Remember today their intelligence and bravery, because we did not see it. Fighting in EVE isn’t about who is the #1 carebear in MER, it’s about crossing that line and fighting.

The Initiative diplomat Exonfang (Imperium, Imperial Legacy) responded in a statement, saying that :

GOTG and their allies and pets still have not shown any real ability to defeat the unparalleled might of the Imperium — they have had the effectiveness of a wet noodle in every major battle since we anchored the Keepstar in 6RCQ.

Sure, we lost to some archaic pos mechanics in DW-, let them revel in their “victory” while we wind up our next swing of the hammer. We’ll be sure to remind them of our “intelligence and bravery” in the coming days and weeks.

One thing remains quite clear – the northern theatre of this war is set to continue for some time.


At 23:54, the Legacy keepstar in 4-GB14, Immensea, was destroyed by the North Eastern Association (NEA). The defenders mustered around 300 ships, mainly in a ‘Goku’ fleet of stealth bombers, which forego cloaking devices for additional firepower. The NEA sent around 2000 ships, led by 33 titans from the Holy League.

The structure entered final vulnerability at around 2239 EVE. Despite Legacy harassment efforts, the attackers had more than sufficient firepower to ward off the bombers while maintaining DPS on the keepstar.

This represents a reverse for Legacy, and the broader Imperial Legacy bloc. However, it is important to consider that no major defensive effort was ever made. Moreover, NER understands that Legacy acquired the keepstar for only 100bn ISK. This all suggests that the defeat, while unfortunate for the southerners, is not a catastrophe.

NER will keep you updated as the Immensea front develops.


At around 0030 EVE today, Curatores Veritatis Alliance, leading Provibloc, anchored a keepstar named ‘Eye of Providence,’ in the central system of 9UY4-H. This represents a forward step for Provibloc, which faced near eviction a few months ago at the hand of Pandemic Legion.

There were concerns among CVA that assorted low-sec forces, led by Honorable Third Party, would contest the anchoring. However, the presence of a CVA cyno-jammer rendered this impractical. HTP FC /u/Meiqur said on reddit that:

Realstory, we missed for the same reason that goons didn’t get the co2 ks into structure. Cyno jammers are oppressive and we didn’t have the straight up numbers to break the gate forces + their fleet even with ship superiority. We’d have ended up having a protracted fight on a gate which we could have certainly won eventually but it would have not been able to break through to the KS grid reliably.

All told today we were just a little outnumbered vs the proviblob in raw numbers (our total forces were around 250 and a modest contingent were running their own ops loosely in conjunction with us, but most didn’t arrive until the actual timer) but still managed to outship them 15:1 in super caps and triage.

FWIW it’s the first time I’ve seen our comms ever get close to the 200 real human mark.

However, the keepstar is an attractive target. It is likely only a matter of time until Provibloc is called upon to defend it again.


Between 0345 and 0419 EVE this morning, a combined Hard Knocks/Lazerhawks fleet (with TISHU support) baited out and ambushed a Ranger Regiment supercapital force in QYZM-W, Branch. Following victory in the drone regions, Hard Knocks went looking for new content. They decided to target Branch residents Ranger Regiment.

As detailed in an AAR on reddit, the wormholer force attacked a Ranger Regiment Rorqual with four supercarriers. This prompted Ranger Regiment to drop in 6 titans, supported by 8 FAXes and an assortment of subcaps. The wormholers responded with 23 supercarriers and 61 dreadnoughts, along with their own subcap fleet.

Over the course of a few minutes, five Ranger Regiment titans were destroyed. The toll stands at 5.14bn lost by the wormholers, vs 389.52bn lost by Ranger Regiment.

For now, that’s how it is in New Eden. Goodnight.