9UY4-H system, Providence region. On the 14th of July, a series of battles took place in the system as Providence Bloc sought to anchor a Keepstar citadel.


After its eviction from the region, ProviBloc was slowly rebuilding and reclaiming its home region and namesake. To both strengthen its position and give a haven for its supercapital force, the coalition attempted to anchor a Keepstar citadel. However, knowing the many enemies around it would swarm in to destroy such a structure, it waited until an opportunity presented itself.

The opportunity came when two significant timers occurred which would inevitably divert the entire cluster’s attention from the region. The first would be the DW-T2I system in the Fade region where the Imperium’s forces had reinforced Circle-Of-Two’s [CO2] Keepstar. With the structure set to exit its first reinforced mode, many believed both the Imperium and the Northern Bloc would form in great force for the confrontation. The second timer was the Test Alliance Please Ignore [TEST] Keepstar final timer in the 4-GB14 system in the Immensea region. With WinterCo and its myriad of allies set to destroy the structure, Test Alliance Please Ignore, and Legacy Coalition would be preoccupied in protecting the structure than contesting ProviBloc’s.

Thus, Providence Bloc anchored the structure in 9UY4-H, a vital hub system in the region both regarding ranges and routes. However, one enemy determined not to let the Keepstar online was Rekkingcrew. Rekkingcrew is a loose coalition of corporations, alliances, and individuals working in the neighboring Derelik region mainly hunting supercapitals. The organization has a long and bloody history with ProviBloc, the two have fought for years, with Rekkingcrew dropping on ProviBloc ratters and miners, or the two sides fighting over moons among other things.

Hostilities Commence

Rekkingcrew, numerically inferior to Providence Bloc, still held an advantage in supercapital numbers and planned to use them alongside other allies in the coming fight. Before it could commit its super capital armada, the organization had first to disable the system wide cynosural jammer. It managed to do so in the early hours of the day, forcing Providence Bloc to attempt and repair the module. When ProviBloc sent force auxiliaries to repair the afflicted jammer hastily, Rekkingcrew flexed its muscles and used a supercapital squadron to destroy the repair crew.

It took hours of repairs using logistics ships for the jammer to reach full health and online again. At the same time, ProviBloc started assembling its fleets to defend the structure during its vulnerability period including a 100 pilot Machariel battleship alongside a 130 pilot capital fleet which included a combat carrier wing, several squads of force auxiliaries and 40 dreadnoughts. This force assembled in 9UY4-H and began preparing a system wide lock-down which meant deploying many mobile warp disruptors around the gates to slow down any hostiles coming in to contest the timer.

During the fleet’s assembling, the cynosural jammer cycled down to allow capital ships to jump into the system. With the bulk of the capitals having arrived, the capital fleet left the system for the neighboring 4B-NQN one. The reason for the move was to act as a counter drop should Rekkingcrew attempt another assault on the cynosural jammer. ProviBloc had prepared a cynosural beacon near the jammer so its capital force could drop on any hostiles trying to disable it.

The Major Fight over the Cynosural Jammer

Providence Bloc was right to fear a third assault on the jammer. Rekkingcrew had kept watch on the system, waiting for an opportunity. At 19:00 EVE Standard Time it got its chance. The organization prepared a dreadnought force this time to knock down the jammer which would allow it to deploy super capitals with greater ease once the Keepstar became vulnerable. The organization waited for the Providence Bloc capitals to depart the system and for Providence Bloc to online the jammer again. Rekkingcrew waited until the very last minute before the module activated to bring in its cynosural beacon and activate it near the jammer. A Lif force auxiliary jumped first to supply a second, more robust beacon and allow a squadron of dreadnoughts to take the field.

The dreadnoughts entered their siege cycles and opened fire on the jammer, blowing chunks from its shields and armor. Providence Bloc reacted immediately, warping in its battleship fleet on top of the dreadnoughts. However, when the Lif attempted to light the cynosural beacon to usher in its capital ships, they discovered the cynosural beacon had already activated, effectively blocking capital reinforcements. ProviBloc fleet commanders didn’t despair and called their dreadnoughts to warp to the 9UY4-H gate, jump through and warp to the developing mêlée.

The battleships in the meantime landed on top of the hostile dreadnoughts and engaged them. Artillery cannons blasted at point-blank range as the battleships attempted to swarm the dreadnoughts and reduce their tracking ability. However, in the Rekkingcrew dreadnought squad, there were a few ships fitted with high angle weapons to counter the sub capitals. A couple of the Machariels were instantly volleyed as they landed by the opening dreadnought barrage, as well as two accompanying Apostle force auxiliaries which aided the fleet’s logistics wing.

It didn’t take long for the ProviBloc dreadnought fleet to jump into system and warp to the jammer. The dreadnoughts landed a few dozen kilometers away from the hostile dreadnoughts as the grid became chock-full of warp disruption probes. Rekkingcrew attempted to bridge in interdictors and heavy interdictors to create a defensive screen and drag the ProviBloc dreadnoughts far away from their main fleet. The tackle quickly found itself coming under fire from the Machariel fleet, making it only partially successful in its attempts to drag Providence Bloc’s capitals away from the mêlée. Thus, Rekkingcrew decided to focus all firepower on the jammer, more dreadnoughts jumping in to aid in its crippling as the opposing ProviBloc dreadnoughts entered siege cycles and started burning through their hostile counterparts.

In rapid succession, the Rekkingcrew dreadnoughts went down, but before they were destroyed, they managed to disable the cynosural jammer again. ProviBloc gathered its forces and decided to repair the module for the third time. It fetched its force auxiliaries from next door and moved its combat carrier division to guard the operation. To be certain of the system’s security, mobile cynosural inhibitors were also anchored around the module to make sure no one would be able to jump directly on top of it and its defenders.

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Final Stretch

With the jammer online again, ProviBloc moved its forces around the anchoring Keepstar to prepare for the coming showdown. Battleships and combat carriers remained in position while the mobile warp disruptors anchored up and deployed their warp disruption fields. The clusters of mobile warp disruptors made sure any hostile ship would have to burn through kilometers upon kilometers of space to clear the fields’ effect, holding them down long enough for ProviBloc to respond to any intrusion.

At 23:00 as the Keepstar was attempting to finally online, hostiles entered the system. A Cerberus heavy assault cruiser fleet numbering an estimated 50 pilots tried to force its way through the H6-CX8 gate. ProviBloc reacted immediately and sent its Machariel fleet to deter it. After a quick exchange, the Cerberus fleet crashed the gate and retreated.

At the same time a small Spectre Fleet Retribution assault frigate fleet, numbering an estimated 40 pilots, slipped into the system and began harassing ProviBloc’s flanks. Its primary targets were support ships which it was able to dispatch with relative ease.

The big contender was a Dream Fleet [DRF] Bhaalgorn battleship fleet numbering an estimated 30 pilots with a force auxiliary in tow to serve as its logistics wing. The fleet worked along with Rekkingcrew and intended to clear the mobile warp disruptors. This strategy would allow a more considerable Rekkingcrew dreadnought force to enter the system and warp to the cynosural jammer so it may disable it and enable Rekkingcrew super capitals the chance to join the fray. The battleships bridged to 4B-NQN before jumping in and opening fire on the mobile warp disruptors while the Rekkingcrew dreadnoughts waited on the other side.

ProviBloc reacted fast and moved its battleship fleet to the 4B-NQN gate, landing at a 70-kilometer range of the hostile force. The combat carriers warped to a perch above the gate and sent forth waves of fighters. The Machariels didn’t waste time and started bombarding the Bhaalgorns, volleying the battleships with each artillery strike. The Bhaalgorns, however, were more interested in clearing the cover of mobile warp disruptors than correctly return fire.

It didn’t take long for ProviBloc to annihilate the Bhaalgorn fleet, the fighters finally reaching the hostile battleships and chewing through them. The Machariels’ artillery barrages brought down battleship after battleship, completely ignoring the very existence of the Apostle accompanying the fleet. In the end, only a few Dream Fleet battleships managed to flee the massacre, the majority going down near the gate. With the battleships gone, the Apostle’s turn came, and it too was unceremoniously destroyed.

Seeing their allies annihilated, Rekkingcrew chose to extract its dreadnoughts and not risk them in a futile fight, thus ceding the field to ProviBloc. With this ProviBloc managed to keep control of the system which allowed the Keepstar to online without further incident. With the Keepstar operational, Providence Bloc secured the objective as well.

Before standing down, ProviBloc performed the standard ritual of consecrating a new Keepstar by activating its weapons and sacrificing a capital ship. The ship chosen was a combat carrier flown by the coalition’s leader, Equinox Daedalus. However, his Archon combat carrier had been aggressed by several other combat carriers in the fleet, leading to not one but six combat carriers destroyed by the Standup Arcing Vorton Projector doomsday weapon the Keepstar had equipped.

With the ritual complete, ProviBloc forces stood down, bringing an end to large-scale hostilities in the region.


Battle report for the 9UY4-H system can be found here.

All told Providence Bloc lost 33 ships during the day including 5 force auxiliaries and 3 battleships for a total sum of 16.21 billion ISK damage.
Rekkingcrew, its allies and other assorted third parties lost a combined total of 70 ships including 17 dreadnoughts, 2 force auxiliaries, 31 battleships and 2 heavy assault cruisers for a total sum of 78.9 billion ISK lost.


Featured and secondary images credit: Razorien