TEST, CO2 and Provibloc Keepstars Under Attack

On the 14th of July three Keepstar timers occurred:

– In DW-T2I in Fade, Imperium forces squared off with Northern Bloc forces composed of Circle-Of-Two [CO2], Northern Coalition. [NC], Guardians of the Galaxy (GotG) coalition and Pandemic Horde [REKTD]. The Imperium attempted to push Circle-Of-Two’s Keepstar into its second reinforcement timer but due to the system’s cynosural jammer was unable to jump its fleets into the system. Not wishing to brave the Northern blockade set up on its only remaining point of entry, Imperium forces stood down, allowing the structure to self repair.

– In 9UY4-H in Providence, ProviBloc attempted to online a Keepstar of its own. The coalition had its own system cynosural jammer cycling when PURPLE HELMETED WARRIORS [PHEW] and Honorable Third Party [HTP] attempted to incapacitate it to open the system for future attack. ProviBloc responded quickly, dispatching the hostile dreadnought force but unable to save the jammer. Instead the coalition destroyed the incapacitated module and replaced it with a new one to jam the system once more. Afterwards only a couple of small sub-capital fleets attempted to contest the timer but were easily dispatched by the defenders, allowing the Keepstar to online without further issues.

– In 4-GB14 in Immensea a Test Alliance Please Ignore [TEST] Keepstar was exiting its final reinforcement timer. WinterCo coalition with Triumvirate. [TRI], League of Unaligned Master Pilots [LUMPY], skill urself [INGME], WE FORM V0LTA [V0LTA], Tenerifis coalition and Pandemic Legion [-10.0] were able to destroy the structure without a real fight. Legacy Coalition offered only token resistance and was swept aside by the attackers.

Correction: Providence didn’t destroy the cyno-jammer. They repped it.


Video by: Tristan Enkura

Additional Footage by: Gentle Towel Agonist X

Narration by: Zendane