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Why Bias is Inevitable, but a Biased Media Site Isn’t

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It’s at this point in the war raging across the cluster that most alliances and coalitions relevant to it have grouped together into one of the two major blocs. Any other freshly minted Eve media site would likely have done the same with a scathing article on one side’s capabilities and/or an article praising one side’s cause over the other. Thus, taking a side.

While I am not going to profess some great objective insight of the war and its space politics, I will affirm New Eden Report’s commitment to remaining unbiased and independent of external influences which seek to spread their agenda.

Many players, and political figures, have said that bias in Eve is inevitable. For many individuals, this is true. All too often single players are responsible for the retelling of war and Eve Online’s space politics. The larger the war is, the more likely that player is prone to being biased in their writing as the likelihood of them being directly involved with the conflict increases.

Eve media saw this effect in World War Bee. A line was drawn between the cluster’s denizens, including the media sites. Their staffers became increasingly polarized in their opinions and writing, during and after the war. Many writers and editors, from opposing sides in that era, still bear that spite towards each other; divided between casino-funded sites and Imperium-funded sites.

With so many players directly affected by the politics of the ongoing war, what is a media site that desires to be neutral supposed to do? If bias is the effect caused by one player’s perspective, then surely being unbiased is achieved by including multiple players’ perspectives at once. Indeed, when it comes to reporting the news, multiple players’ perspectives are almost necessary to good reporting, let alone remaining unbiased.

With more than one perspective, fact-checking, bias-checking, and detail-oriented information-gathering become all the easier. At a point, any individual bias is ironed out of the work being done, without stripping the author of their unique voice.

To support a wide array of perspectives, New Eden Report has kept up diverse recruitment across the board, aiming to have a variety of players contributing to the content we put out. We are not merely recruiting token members of groups that are lacking in representation among our staff, but instead striving to include each side in producing individual posts.

For instance, we have both a CalMil member and a GalMil member on the NER staff. When one submits a piece on the war zone, the other checks it for any perceived bias or missing details that need to be there to create a rounded piece.

Another application of the same principle, but in a different setting, would be Salivan Harddin’s interview process. Each of the articles he writes is an accumulation of the fleet commanders’ interviews to piece together the battles fully. Due to this method, the articles give the correct series of events complete with detail, and each twist of the battle’s outcome. If he cannot get the needed interviews with the FCs, he will not write the article. In this way, an objective approach is maintained.

As said at the outset, NER is determined to maintain our objective, fact-based approach to Eve Online media. That being said, if we do mess up with an article, or miss that all-important detail which informs the whole piece, let us know! Join our Discord here to talk with our staff, other readers, and message our editors with any feedback that you might have.

If you’re interested in helping us continue to report Eve Online’s happenings and create fresh, unbiased content about it, we are recruiting. We need all the help we can get to make this happen.


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