News Update – Skill Urself Fortizar Destroyed In Impass

(Developing Stories are News Updates now)

Skill Urself anchor a Fortizar for the Northern Bloc to attack Brave and Test Ratting Space. In response, Test spearhead an attack.

The attackers employ light, agile doctrines to allow for steady damage application. Defenders include Skill Urself, V0LTA and PL in Capitals and Supers with NC. Subcap Support.

The NC. Cerberus fleet inflicts heavy damage on the attackers but fails to break their DPS. Imperial Legacy sacrifice a large amount of ships to secure the destruction of the Skill Urself Fortizar.

Test loses about 110 billion ISK, while the defenders lose about 20 billion ISK, mostly in fighters.

Video By: Tristan Enkura
Footage By: Adan Dimaloun