HED-GP system, Catch region. On the 17th of July at 22:36 EVE Standard Time, the HED-GP station-turned-faction Fortizar was destroyed in a battle between Legacy coalition and Simple Farmers [FARMD].


Many systems in New Eden can boast a bloody history, but few are as bloody as HED-GP. The system is a major gateway into the Catch region from high security space. Due to its low moon count, it often became a major battleground in invasions of the region, since sovereignty was tied to moon towers in the early days of the cluster. The station itself was built by The Collective [COL], one of the founding corporations of Against ALL Authorities [-A-] which had seen the region as its homeland for many years.

Even as sovereignty mechanics changed, the system retained its bloody reputation. At the height of the Halloween war, it was the site of a massacre that involved StainWagon (SW) and Clusterfuck Coalition (CFC) capital ships that were decimated by the opposing N3 coalition. The system also saw the last stand of the defunct H.E.R.O. coalition as Pandemic Legion [-10.0] forced it out of the region in its famous siege of the station.

The Caper Attempt

Simple Farmers are residents of the Catch region though independent of Legacy coalition. They haunt the region, camping in particular the SV5-8N system which serves as a major choke point for ship travel through Catch. The alliance spotted Legacy’s attempts to un-anchor the structure so it could later be scooped and moved. Wishing to pull a fast one over Legacy coalition, they decided to appropriate the structure, or destroy it if unable to. The goal was to prevent Legacy preserving it as a trophy, or worse – a commodity.

In order to give themselves enough time, the alliance reinforced the structure, thus resetting its unanchoring time. Once they had bought themselves more time, they organized a dreadnought squadron with a few combat carriers and a Rorqual industrial capital ship to scoop the structure. Cynosural beacons and interdictors were also seeded in the space around the structure to tackle Legacy forces once they tried to scoop the structure. Interdictors were also seeded on the Keepstar grid of U-QVWD to stop any Legacy capitals and super capitals from jumping in and stopping the alliance.

At the time of the Fortizar’s unanchoring, Legacy coalition brought a 50-pilot Harpy assault frigate fleet to defend the citadel. A cynosural beacon was lit and a Legacy Rorqual jumped in, landing too far from the structure and slowly burning towards it. Legacy interdictors attempted to create a defensive warp disruption probe screen in the meantime, yet only managing to stop Simple Farmers’ initial attempts to grab tackle. Other interdictors, however, succeeded in getting through, as did a cynosural beacon, allowing the Simple Farmers dreadnoughts and combat carriers to jump through.

Simple Farmers quickly dispatched the Legacy Rorqual before bringing in their Rorqual to scoop up the Fortizar. The Fortizar secured, Simple Farmers attempted to extract but soon had their Rorqual tackled by the Harpy fleet. Unable to properly hit the sub-capital ships, and with no sub-capital reinforcements of their own, Simple Farmers decided to destroy the Rorqual and its wreck rather than let Legacy have the Fortizar.

The Rorqual and its cargo destroyed, Simple Farmers achieved their goal. The Legacy coalition mixed capital/super capital fleet arrived a few minutes later, having been delayed by the Simple Farmers’ interdictors, to now dispatch most of the hostile capital ships, with only one managing to escape the slaughter.


With this, Simple Farmers managed to save the citadel from falling into Legacy’s hands and getting lost in the shuffle. Many remarked it was a fitting end for the station, dying in a fire just like the many fires that had scorched the system of its birth. Regardless, EVE Online lost another monument of its history in the scuffle.

Battle report for the HED-GP system can be found here.

The entire affair lasted 12 minutes with Time Dilation not reported and the system holding an estimated 150 pilots at the peak of the fighting.

Legacy coalition lost 9 ships including a Rorqual for 3.13 billion ISK damage.
Simple Farmers lost 23 ships including 7 dreadnoughts, 3 combat carriers and a Rorqual for a total of 25.22 billion ISK damage. Including the station (valued at 50 billion ISK) the sum loss rises to 75.22 billion ISK damage.

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Featured image credit: Wilhelm Acturus