NER News at 7 o’clock. This is Hugh Caswakk. Good evening.

  • The majority of North-Eastern Bloc supercapitals remain trapped in UALX-3 by Imperial Legacy forces.
  • Imperial Legacy has destroyed North-Eastern Bloc forward operating fortizars in Teskanen and Korasen.
  • North-Eastern Bloc has conducted demolition work on abandoned Mordus Angels faction fortizars, to prevent their loss to Imperial Legacy.
  • CO2 has lost titan and subcapitals in running battle with Imperial Legacy forces in E9KD-N.
  • Shadow Cartel keepstar is in its final reinforcement timer, and the alliance is moving to Auga.
  • Imperial Legacy is on the offensive in Tenerifis and Immensea, reinforcing many staging fortizars into shield timers.
  • Indecision, a corporation in RAZOR Alliance, has been evicted from their wormhole by a temporary coalition of wormhole corps.


Following the significant battle in UALX-3 on the 19th, Imperial Legacy trapped a substantial number of North-Eastern Bloc supercapitals. The current total is understood to be approximately 146 titans and a roughly similar number of supercarriers. There are unconfirmed reports that single digits of supercapitals have escaped the blockade. Nevertheless, the camp remains in effect.

Moreover, the successful onlining of both a keepstar and a fortizar near to the trapped supers has reinforced the system-wide lockdown. This will render any escape attempt potentially difficult.

One such attempt was made today at around 0900 EVE, with NCdot and CO2 sending in a substantial heavy assault cruiser force to clear bubbles, which would allow the North-Eastern supercapitals to escape. However, this attempt ultimately failed.

CCP pledged not to interfere by moving ships out of the trap, and are committed to action against exploits.

It is generally expected that North-Eastern Bloc supers will be able to escape the trap in the coming weeks. However, they are likely to take significant losses in such an effort.


In a coordinated operation, Imperial Legacy forces destroyed two North-Eastern fortizars in the Black Rise systems of Korasen and Teskanen on the 21st of July.

Korasen is used by Imperial Legacy as a midpoint for capital and supercapital operations against Fade and Pure Blind. The North-Eastern fortizar there, owned by CO2, was used as a staging post to interfere with these movements. Therefore, at 20:01 EVE yesterday, the CO2 fortizar was destroyed. The North-Eastern Bloc formed approximately 1300 pilots in their respective staging systems but declined to mount a defense.

Around 30 minutes earlier, Snuffed Out destroyed the NCdot fortizar in Teskanen with a small Machariel fleet, with titan support. This effort was similarly uncontested by the North-Eastern Bloc. However, the Imperium did today fail to follow up on reinforcing the shield of GOTG’s staging keepstar in DO6H-Q.


Over the course of last evening, a series of North-Eastern Bloc fleets destroyed three faction fortizars belonging to Mordus Angels, a collapsed alliance erstwhile belonging to GOTG. These fortizars had been reinforced into armor by Imperial Legacy attacks in the last week. However, with only two characters active in Mordus Angels, it is believed that no one could be found with sufficient roles to unanchor them.

Therefore, the North-Eastern Bloc destroyed the fortizars to deny Imperial Legacy the killboard and propaganda victory.


There has been a multi-stage engagement in E9KD-N, Fade, between around 1532 and 1800 today. The first round of battles appears to have run from approximately 1532 to 1646 and saw an Initiative. Ishtar fleet clashing with a CO2 Ferox fleet over a CO2 Athanor in the system. CO2 appears to have sustained heavy losses in this round of the fighting, but held the home ground, allowing them to reship continually.

The Initiative. fleet took a quick break and linked up with a Jackdaw fleet from the rest of the Imperium, before re-engaging around 1709. This begun much the same way as before, but then CO2 reshipped into Munnins and called in an NCdot Cerberus fleet. The Imperial Legacy force responded by reshipping to Abbadons, with 1 FAX in support.

Combat resumed, with the Abbadons exacting a substantial toll on the North-Eastern Bloc forces. The North-Eastern’s tried to dreadbomb the single FAX supporting the Abbandons, but their dreadbomb was counter-dropped.

They then moved in one titan (allegedly owned by Gigx) to boson the Abbadons. The boson missed. The Imperial Legacy took this as a greenlight to drop a substantial supercapital force into action, which killed the CO2 titan.

The toll stands at 32.49bn lost by the Imperial Legacy, vs 138.94bn lost by the North-Eastern Bloc.


Shadow Cartel’s keepstar in Aeschee was put into its final reinforcement timer by Snuffed Out, aided by local allies. It is understood that Shadow Cartel will not make any particular attempt to defend the structure. Instead, they will move to Auga, in Heimatar. This is one jump away from the content hub Amamake, as well as neighboring Siseide, which hosts SC allies Siege Green. What action Shadow Cartel plans to take going forward is presently unknown.


With much of the southern-deployed North-Eastern Bloc supercapitals trapped in UAXL-3, Imperial Legacy has attacked North-Eastern Bloc staging systems in Tenerifis and Immensea. Last night, Imperial Legacy put the PL staging fortizar in ZMV9-A, Tenerifis, into shield reinforce. They also put two TRUMPY, and one Holy League fortizar into shield reinforce in the system of Y-F5ZN, Immensea. These efforts were not contested.

Shield reinforcements are relatively inconsequential alone. However, this offensive appears to reflect a shift of offensive momentum towards Imperial Legacy in the southern theater after the North-Eastern defeat in UALX-3.


Following the collapse of the Drone Control Unit coalition in early April, its constituent corporations and alliances scattered across New Eden in search of safety. Indecision corp, of RAZOR Alliance, struck out on a bold path, colonizing the wormhole of J224031. Though they continue to participate in K-Space conflict along with the rest of RAZOR, this wormhole was intended to give them a protected space to krab and relax.

However, a failure to maintain operational security by RAZOR FC Aurelia Breeze led to Holy League spies finding out about the wormhole. From there, the wormhole corporations Of Sound Mind, Epicentre and Suddenly Spaceships went on the attack. Though the logistics of the operation were difficult, RAZOR declined to defend their wormhole. The results were, perhaps predictably, destructive – with RAZOR entirely removed.

For now, that’s how it is in New Eden. Goodnight.