5FCV-A system, Great Wildlands region. On the 22nd of July at 19:48 EVE Standard Time E.B.O.L.A. [E8OLA] forces clashed with The Unthinkables [INK] and The Blood Covenant [VIT.C] in the system.

The two sides fought over an E.B.O.L.A Raitaru engineering complex. Following E.B.O.L.A’s attack on Capitalist Army [CANS]’s structures, the other residents of the Great Wildlands region decided to organize into their own coalition to contain E.B.O.L.A’s aggression. This came on the heels of the collapse of the Great Wildlands Conservation Society (GWCS) coalition which gave E.B.O.L.A an opportunity to expand its influence in the area.

The Laughing Buddha (LB) coalition was recently founded by The Unthinkables and The Blood Covenant with more entities in the region slated to join it. The coalition’s goals seem to mainly protect members from the continued expansion of E.B.O.L.A, as well as other outside forces which are seemingly drawn to the chaos gripping the region. The first action this new coalition took was to reinforce structures belonging to E.B.O.L.A, including the Raitaru in 5FCV-A.

E.B.O.L.A prepared to defend the structure alongside The Hell Legion. [H.E.L.], gathering a 35 pilot Armageddon battleship fleet. The fleet included three force auxiliaries serving as logistics backbone, a squadron of combat carriers and five dreadnoughts to top it off. This force set up in range of 5FCV-A, the battleships gathering on top of a titan, ready to bridge in should hostile come to contest the timer.

Laughing Buddha forces indeed came to attack the structure and push it into its second reinforcement timer. The coalition gathered a 45 pilot Machariel battleship fleet which included a force auxiliary, several combat carriers and a squadron of dreadnoughts. The sub-capital part of the fleet arrived at the system and warped at a 100 kilometers off the reinforced structure. Once it became vulnerable the battleships opened fire, the artillery cannons slowly chipping away at the Raitaru’s armor hit points.

E.B.O.L.A was ready, its cynosural beacon lit up on the structure and into the field jumped the Armageddon fleet with two force auxiliaries. The battleships anchored up and fired cruise missiles at the Machariels, which returned fire. The battle had begun.

The Armageddons found themselves in a pinch, unable to apply damage well to the Machariels which continued to hover at the edge of the falloff range of their missiles. The Machariels, on the other hand, had no issue hitting the Armageddons, taking down a couple with well-coordinated volleys. The Armageddon fleet’s logistics wing in the meantime was struggling to keep the rest of the fleet alive. The constant target switches and the energy-hungry remote armor repairers took their toll on the force auxiliary pilots. To ease some of the pressure, E.B.O.L.A opted to bring the reserve force auxiliary; at this point that the course of the battle changed.

The third force auxiliary materialized on the field and entered its triage cycle immediately. However, it landed on top of one of the other force auxiliaries. With its mass increased by the triage module, the ship received a hard bump which launched it away from the fleet. By the time it managed to stop finally, it had traveled 180 kilometers away from its allies. Laughing Buddha forces saw this and decided to pounce on the separated force auxiliary, warping to it and landing on top.

E.B.O.L.A fleet commanders gave the order for their own fleet to align to the stricken force auxiliary, and the other two FAXes to de-cycle their triage modules to regain mobility. Once out of triage mode, the fleet warped to the third force auxiliary. The two sides were now face-to-face on top of the force auxiliary.

The Laughing Buddha fleet lit a cynosural beacon and let through its capital force. The dreadnoughts hit the grid, entered siege cycles and targeted the force auxiliary. E.B.O.L.A did the same, bringing forth its own capital fleet. The battle had become a full-on capital brawl over the force auxiliary.

The E.B.O.L.A sub-capitals and combat carriers spread their energy neutralizers on the hostile Revelations, the Amarrian dreadnoughts susceptible to capacitor warfare. Laughing Buddha in the meantime focused its firepower on the stranded force auxiliary, bringing it down with well-coordinated volleys before moving on to target the E.B.O.L.A dreadnoughts. E.B.O.L.A chose to focus its firepower on the Naglfar dreadnoughts brought by Laughing Buddha fleet, since their guns required no capacitor to fire, thus making them impervious to the energy neutralizing effect of their fleet.

The two fleets traded losses back and forth as capital ships on either side succumbed to the relentless onslaught. As the battle slowly progressed, E.B.O.L.A seemed to gain the upper hand. Their strategy of applying energy neutralizers helped diminish the capital firepower of the Laughing Buddha fleet. With combat carrier fighters and the Armageddons themselves, the combined E.B.O.L.A fleet was able to dispatch the Laughing Buddha dreadnought force, though not before losing an equal amount of capital ships in return.

With most of the Laughing Buddha dreadnoughts destroyed, the E.B.O.L.A fleet turned their attention to their sub-capitals. Machariels went down one after the other as well as their force auxiliary which was unceremoniously dispatched. Though the Machariels managed to inflict a few losses in return, they were losing mainline ships at a rapid rate and having lost their logistics wing, were vulnerable to the missile barrages of the Armageddon fleet.

Realizing they couldn’t tank the incoming damage anymore and having lost a significant portion of the fleet already, Laughing Buddha fleet commanders ordered the retreat. The remaining ships that weren’t tackled warped off, leaving the rest to be cut down by E.B.O.L.A who quickly cleared the grid of hostiles and set about looting the field. In all the commotion the Raitaru was able to initiate self-repair, additionally securing the strategic objective for the defenders.

With the battle won and the objective secured, E.B.O.L.A forces continued to loot the field while extracting their capital assets. Though their scavenging did not go unchallenged, after the battle no major threat opposed their operations. With the field picked clean, the main E.B.O.L.A fleet departed the system, bringing the fight to an end.

Battle report for the 5FCV-A system can be found here.

All told the battle lasted 31 minutes with Time Dilation not reported and the system hosting an estimated 120 pilots at the peak of the fighting.

E.B.O.L.A and The Hell Legion lost a combined 20 ships including 5 dreadnoughts, 1 force auxiliary, 2 combat carriers and 3 battleships for a total of 23.42 billion ISK damage.
Laughing Buddha coalition lost 36 ships including 8 dreadnoughts, 1 force auxiliary, 3 combat carriers and 13 battleships for a total of 37.87 billion ISK damage.


Featured image credit: Razorien