Kourmonen system, The Bleak Lands region. On the morning of the 22nd of July a battle between Black Legion… [.MEN.] and Hull Penetration [FCKRS] turned into a full capital brawl as Siege Green. [SGGRN] joined the fray.

The battle was fought over a Hull Penetration Astrahus citadel in the system. Black Legion previously reinforced the structure to extract a fight from Hull Penetration. With a final hull timer looming over, Hull Penetration obliged and the two alliances prepared for a showdown over the structure.

Hull Penetration and allies including Panic Attack. [S4UCE], Yondu Confederation [YONDU] and Ungentlemanly Warfare [UGW] formed a 60 pilot armor battleship fleet, mainly of the Typhoon variety. The fleet made its way to the system and set up on the stricken citadel, tethering to the structure while waiting for Black Legion to make its appearance.

The alliance arrived to the system, having assembled a 50 pilot Bhaalgorn battleship fleet. The fleet entered the system and wasted little time warping to the citadel, landing near the Typhoon fleet. The two fleets anchored up and opened fire, signaling the start of the battle.

The two fleets maintained short-range, fighting at around 30 kilometers, from each other. Missile launchers and pulse laser batteries exchanged fire, each side attempting to break through the tough armor tank of the other. However, as the two fleets maneuvered on the citadel grid, it became clear that Black Legion was able to tank the incoming damage far better. One after the other, the Hull Penetration fleet lost mainline ships as the coordinated volleys of the Black Legion ships overcame their armor. Hull Penetration struggled to inflict any losses in return.

Unable to tank and inflict any damage, Hull Penetration decided to concede the fight, warping out its battleship fleet and leaving Black Legion in control of the field. However, before Black Legion could go ahead and destroy the citadel, a third-party intervened.

Unknown to the two combatants, Siege Green watched the entire battle. The alliance had an Apocalypse Navy Issue battleship fleet of its own, numbering 50 pilots including two squadrons of dreadnoughts as well as a few force auxiliaries and combat carriers. The force waited patiently for the combatants to escalate with capital ships, but with neither side willing and Hull Penetration actually withdrawing decided to force the issue itself.

A force recon cruiser suddenly decloaked in the midst of the Black Legion fleet and lit a cynosural beacon. Through it came the Siege Green sub capital fleet accompanied by a capital squadron which included force auxiliaries, a few combat carriers, and a trio of dreadnoughts equipped with high angle weapons. The dreadnoughts entered siege cycles and targeted the hostile battleships. Alongside the sub capitals, they could easily break the tank of the Bhaalgorns, scoring a couple of kills in the opening volleys.

Black Legion didn’t panic and targeted the ship lighting the beacon, destroying it while having its own beacon lit to usher in five dreadnoughts to combat Siege Green’s capitals. Together, Black Legion focused its fire on the hostile capitals, bringing a dreadnought down with its concentrated firepower. At this point things took a weird turn as one of Siege Green’s titan pilots decided to use the opportunity to jump through and engage the Black Legion dreadnoughts. The Erebus titan landed at the center of the fray, firing its doomsday device at one of the hostile dreadnoughts and bringing it down immediately.

With the titan in the midst of the battlefield, Black Legion wasted no time calling for the rest of its dreadnoughts to log in and jump into the battle. Two squadrons of dreadnoughts materialized on the field next to the titan which was quickly tackled by the sub capital ships. Siege Green didn’t waste any time and brought forth the rest of its dreadnoughts. The battle had become a capital slug, each side trying to desperately eliminate the other’s dreadnoughts to either save the titan or damn it.

As the carnage unfolded over the citadel, Hull Penetration and its allies took the field again. The battleship fleet warped back into the fray and hastily struck a truce with Black Legion, both fleets deciding to focus their firepower on the tackled titan and its fleet. Thus Hull Penetration and allies committed 15 more capital ships to the fight, bringing them to reinforce Black Legion’s dwindling numbers as the back and forth with Siege Green was taking a toll on its capital force.

With more hostiles on the field, Siege Green decided to escalate things further. A new cynosural beacon was lit up some 40 kilometers from the maelstrom of battle to allow a squadron of combat carriers and five supercarriers on the field, along with more force auxiliaries. The supercarriers unleashed their fighter bombers on the dreadnoughts, quickly chewing through them with the aid of allied dreadnoughts and sub capitals.

Black Legion and Hull Penetration directed their sub capitals to combat the new threat, the battleships targeting and destroying hostile fighters and fighter bombers. However, Siege Green led its fighters against the sub capitals, destroying several battleships as scores of fighters descended upon them. On the dreadnought front, Siege Green was slowly gaining the upper hand thanks to the supercarriers’ support.

It was at this point that Black Legion decided to withdraw its sub capital fleet. With Hull Penetration continuing to pin down the titan, Black Legion chose to re-ship to its signature Muninn heavy assault cruiser fleet. They reshipped in part due to losses incurred in the heavy fighting around the titan. With Black Legion gone, the full might of Siege Green fell on Hull Penetration and its allies. The capital force Hull Penetration brought in was quickly disposed of as well as many of the sub capital ships. In particular, Siege Green targeted the many heavy interdictors Hull Penetration kept bringing to the field so they could free their titan.

With the heavy interdictors destroyed, the Hull Penetration battleship fleet, and capital force swept aside, Siege Green managed to free its titan. Both the titan and supercarriers beat a hasty retreat, leaving the Siege Green surviving capitals and sub capitals on the field. By then Black Legion had returned to the field, bringing its Muninn fleet within range of the hostiles. Together with Hull Penetration, Black Legion were able to tackle and destroy most of the Siege Green sub capital force as well as a few dreadnoughts, force auxiliaries and combat carriers left on the grid. Siege Green for its part tried to resist, but having been exhausted due to the fierce fighting on the titan couldn’t put much of a fight. Content at saving its super capitals, the alliance decided to warp off all non-tackled ships, leaving the rest of the fleet at the mercy of Black Legion and Hull Penetration.

Black Legion and Hull Penetration proceeded to destroy all remaining Siege Green ships, mopping the field clean. With the last of Siege Green’s ships destroyed, the two enemies decided to continue and honor their truce, Black Legion departing the system without further incident. This left Hull Penetration to loot the field. With this, the battle of Kourmonen came to an end.

During the commotion, the citadel itself was all but forgotten, leading to it being able to self-repair. With its repairs successful, the citadel was saved, securing the objective for Hull Penetration.

The Battle from the Perspective of the Hull Penetration Fleet

The Battle from the Perspective of the Siege Green Fleet

Battle report for the Kourmonen system can be found here.

All told the battle raged for an entire hour with the system hosting an estimated 350 pilots at the peak of the fighting and Time Dilation not reported by either side.

Black Legion lost a total of 38 ships in the fight including 28 dreadnoughts, 1 combat carrier and 5 battleships for a total of 67.2 billion ISK damage.
Hull Penetration and allies lost a combined total of 50 ships including 5 dreadnoughts, 3 force auxiliaries, 7 combat carriers and 14 battleships for a grand total of 53.72 billion ISK damage.
Siege Green lost 50 ships in battle, including 17 dreadnoughts, 7 force auxiliaries, 4 combat carriers and 10 battleships for a total of 80.09 billion ISK damage.


Featured image credit: Razorien