• Rumored peace talks in Amarr Militia successfully took place
  • The ‘Amarr Civil War’ has been declared over
  • A Militia joint fleet began unleashing strikes upon the enemy
  • Amarr Mil decimated their opponent’s fleet in Huola the day after the peace treaty was signed
  • Siseide and Eytjangard were besieged and reclaimed by the united Amarrian forces

The Amarr Civil War Is Over

In case there are still some doubts – the YC120 Civil War of the Amarr Militia has at last come to an end. This is not said to be a temporary armistice, but indeed the official end of a Civil War that has been tearing apart the Amarr Militia for more than half a year. This internal conflict allowed the Minmatar forces to spearhead a swift campaign into the core of the Amarr warzone, gaining control of a significant portion of the contested territory. While Minmatar tribes marched into the sacred lands, some of the major Amarrian Faction Warfare systems such as Kamela, Huola, Sosala, and Arzad became heavily contested. Huola was quickly taken by Smile ‘n’ Wave [WAVE], a medium-sized Minmatar Faction Warfare Alliance.

To the Amarrian Faction Warfare roleplayers, this was a disgraceful and unimaginable defeat, Amarr always having been the more powerful faction. At the beginning of the conflict in January 2018, half of the more capable members of the Militia were already involved in internal squabbles. Luckily the Minmatar Militia was too weak to chew through Amarr space, and no systems were lost in the first phase of the Civil War. Only with the enemy at the gates did they forget their grievances, facing the enemy with a united front. It finally happened one week ago. Most of Amarr systems were lost by that time, due to permanent conflict within the militia itself. As a result, Metropolis and Heimatar were overrun and a huge part of The Bleak Lands also fell into Minmatar hands. The enemy was quick to exploit the Amarrians’ decisive weakness: in less than one month, Minmatar militia advanced from Tier 1 to Tier 4 and began growing in numbers rapidly.

This was partly due to the horde of faction LP farmers growing tired of the neverending civil war. These farmers switched sides, joining Minmatar and quickly boosting their ranks. On the Amarr side, few had cared about the growing threat of an impending Minmatar uprising. Those who did, however, were busy fighting each other, thus severely weakening the frontline defense. Eventually, the traditionally Amarrian systems were overrun by the Minmatar swarm. Amarr had clearly lost its grasp, while Minmatar militants boasted high morale and claimed one system after the other, sometimes taking two to three per day. The Minmatar Republic, and Ushra’khan [UNITY] alliance in particular, quickly overcame the all-too-weak resistance, and the former, long-forgotten Minmatar reign was established over all these systems once again.

The Enemy of My Enemy

To counter this development, a peace treaty was signed on July 14th, including Aslon Seridith (CEO of WINMATAR. [WMTR]) as well as their entire leadership, whose participation turned out to be decisive. Two Maidens One Chalice [TMOCC], Yondu Confederation [YONDU], Ungentlemanly Warfare [UGW] and a few other involved entities agreed that focusing on their traditional enemy is more important at the moment, and listened to WMTR.’s diplomatic proposal. A long time ago, this former Minmatar alliance had participated in a battle later to be called the ‘Huola Bloodbath’, and earned enough respect. Afterwards, WINMATAR. was betrayed by their former brothers in arms after political infighting. At the time of the Amarrian peace treaty, the alliance had recently been reborn and changed sides. Its roleplayers swore loyalty to the Amarr Empire and built their power base in the Amarr warzone. After 7 months of Amarr FW civil war, the leaders of all major Amarr entities understood that in order to achieve any militia-wide strategic goals, it would be necessary to first unite the Amarr militia.

With a determined collective effort, the seemingly impossible became possible: all mutual grievances were resolved and all wars were lifted. A fragile peace arose between those who were killing each other on a daily basis during the year. From the ashes of a slaughter that had almost destroyed the entire Amarr Militia from within, a new, stronger force was born and grew in numbers.

“I hope this clears up misconceptions about us being the baddies, long live the empress” – Gian Bal

“It’s been a rough time where opposing views often lead to opposing teams instead of discussion. We are happy to leave that period behind and focus on growing our alliance and the greater amarr militia again. Hopefully the established militia-wide peace will hold and we can go back to bringing the fight to the Minmatar and start winning the warzone again.”
– Taronn

Huola Battle of 17 July 2018

This first joint fleet culminated in the successful defense of an important structure in Huola which had been reinforced by Smile ‘n’ Wave alliance the previous day. WAVE also invited local pirates Hull Penetration [FCKRS] to repel a possible attack from Amarr Militia. They failed to achieve this goal and stood down in the face of superior opposition, the FC on the WAVE side commenting that “it is not our time zone anyway.”

Hull Penetration did however decide to commit and finish off the WINMATAR. structure, bringing a Phoenix, Moros and Archon to the battlefield, reinforced by a small pirate fleet. These capitals were the first to be primaried during the hour-long engagement. The Amarr fleet, led by the former ‘bad guy’ Gian Bal (CEO of [TMOCC]), consisted of 60 Amarrian roleplayers who engaged the Minmatar forces in Imperial Navy cruisers. The battle report can be found here.

Eytjangard and Siseide have fallen to Amarr hands

Finally, a long awaited move was made. The two very important Minmatar systems are now under Amarr control. Eytjangard that is just 7 jumps from Hek, and Siseide which is an important intersection connecting 7 major systems and also a known PVP hub, just like Huola and Amamake. With a united Amarrian front the war is bound to heat up, it is time that the Minmatar experience what it is like to face a combined force once again instead of being able to travel around the warzone with impunity.


Featured image credit: Razorien