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Alliance Tournament XVI: Introduction

Alliance Tournament XVI. A chance for alliances to put their best teams and pilots forward, battling it out to win the trophy and a host of other prizes.

This tournament has been a yearly occurrence in New Eden ever since the first one took place in 2005, and was originally known as “Caldari Championships”. The AT is usually the main focus of the summer for most alliances, unlike this year which has seen the beginning of a major summer war. A variety of different groups has claimed the winner’s title as it changed over the years, but Pandemic Legion [-10.0] has the highest victory rate so far.

Over the past 13 years, the Alliance Tournament has changed from a CCP-run event to a major eSports media platform lasting several weeks. It now includes a wide range of player commentators and well-known hosts who assist over the course of the entire tournament. The evolution of the AT into a player-run media platform has culminated in its current production being run by plus10gaming, a non-CCP affiliated group which organised the Caldari Cup at this year’s fanfest in Iceland. That said, CCP still retain control over the refereeing, rulings, prizes and PR aspects of the Alliance Tournament, with plus10 only running the match streams.

For this year, the AT is beginning with the elimination rounds this coming weekend, then continuing in a series of matches leading up to the finals on 18th August. For that final weekend, plus10gaming are hosting a party in Nottingham. Here, you will get to interact with CCP and other players whilst watching your fellow capsuleers battle it out live from their studio. Tickets for this event are available on the organisers’ website.

The major interest in the Alliance Tournament focusses on the prizes offered by CCP each year. These include one-off ships that will never be available again in-game, making them extremely valuable. In fact, certain items are hoarded by alliances to make use of them for the specific purpose of the AT. These items are highly rare yet extremely powerful, such as a ‘Tobias’ stasis webifier normally used in combination with a “flagship” battleship. A couple of interesting developments this year include the addition of the Mutated modules, which can only be fit on flagships, alongside the reduction to only one copy of each AT ship per team.


For the full list of rules and details for the AT, please see the the CCP devblog here. You will be able to watch the event live on this stream through CCP and on this one through plus10gaming.

We look forward to seeing who will claim victory this year, and we will be providing further updates as we approach the final weekend. Good luck to all contestants and may there be plenty of highly expensive explosions for all of us to enjoy!

Credit to Corrin Mor for the fantastic opening sequence for the upcoming Alliance Tournament streams.