A-80UA system, Scalding Pass region. In the early hours of the 24th of July, Brute Force Solutions [BFG] and Unspoken Alliance. [QUIET] clashed in the system over a Sl0W CHILDREN AT PLAY [SL0W] Fortizar citadel.


According to Brute Force Solutions (and corroborated by Sl0W CHILDREN AT PLAY), their alliance and Sl0W CHILDREN AT PLAY had been allies for some time living in the region. However, constant fighting with the natives of the Great Wildlands regions put a strain on the relationship. Finally, Brute Force Solutions came to terms with the Great Wildlands Conservation Society (GWCS) coalition and broke off diplomatic ties with Sl0W CHILDREN AT PLAY.

Sl0W CHILDREN AT PLAY would later evacuate the region, leaving the area ripe for the taking. It was Brute Force Solutions that was rewarded with its territory in Scalding Pass, which it took and started the process of removing all Sl0W CHILDREN AT PLAY’s structures. Most of the structures were destroyed except one Fortizar, as Brute Force Solutions simply did not bother with the structure and let it remain.

The Fortizar remained untouched until Sl0W CHILDREN AT PLAY joined the 7th Estate, a small coalition led by Red Noise. [SEVEN] which had the backing of Test Alliance Please Ignore [TEST] and Legacy Coalition. Brute Force Solutions had aligned itself to WinterCo. With the animosity between the two major coalitions boiling into open warfare, the two were destined to clash.

Sl0W CHILDREN AT PLAY began a guerrilla warfare campaign against Brute Force Solutions, using its old Fortizar in Brute Force Solutions’ territory to attack the alliance. The main thrust of the campaign was using entosis modules to reinforce infrastructure hubs and territorial claim units, something which forced Brute Force Solutions to form fleets for constantly. Finally, the alliance decided to get rid of the Fortizar once and for all, denying Sl0W CHILDREN AT PLAY a base of operation in its heartland. Thus, it reinforced the structure and prepared to push it into its second reinforcement timer on the 24th.

Unbeknown to Brute Force Solutions, Sl0W CHILDREN AT PLAY had already made an offer to sell the Fortizar to Unspoken Alliance, a resident of the neighboring region of Etherium Reach. Unspoken Alliance agreed to the deal, but with the Fortizar reinforced by Brute Force Solutions, it decided to protect its new structure before it was destroyed.

The Battle

In the early hours of the 24th, Brute Force Solutions prepared a combat carrier squadron with a couple of force auxiliaries serving as logistics and a Caracal cruiser squadron acting as support. The fleet, numbering 20 pilots, made its way to the system and set up 400 kilometers from the Fortizar. The combat carriers deployed fighters and slowly sent them at the structure to reinforce it. They had no idea they were watched by Unspoken Alliance.

Unspoken Alliance, for its part, formed a 30 pilot Rattlesnake battleship fleet. The fleet assembled on a titan in range of the system, waiting for the go-ahead. With the combat carriers engaging the Fortizar, Unspoken Alliance had its scout probe down the capital ships and warp on top of them with an interdictor. Warp interdiction probes launched, pinning down the combat carriers and a cynosural beacon lit up. Unspoken Alliance sent forth a single force auxiliary to light a secondary beacon allowing the titan to bridge the entire fleet in. Once on the grid, the battleships anchored up and began firing on the Brute Force Solutions support.

Along with the battleships came four dreadnoughts which entered siege cycles and started targeting the force auxiliaries of the combat carrier fleet. However, even with four dreadnoughts, the two force auxiliaries were able to alternate their triage cycles, thus repairing one another when targeted by the hostile dreadnoughts. The Rattlesnake fleet decided instead to bump them away from each other, thus moving them outside the remote armor repairer range.

Seeing this, Brute Force Solutions fleet commanders decided to escalate things further. Four Nyx supercarriers were brought to the field, jumping into a cynosural beacon lit for them merely 20 kilometers from the mêlée. The supercarriers materialized on the grid and launched their fighter-bombers. Their first target was the Minokawa force auxiliary of Unspoken Alliance. It melted under the torpedo volleys of the fighter bombers. Next came the dreadnoughts, each succumbing to the combined firepower of fighters and fighter bombers squadrons.

The Rattlesnake fleet didn’t despair and instead targeted the fighters and fighter-bombers, its missile barrages destroying many. Interdictors and heavy interdictors rushed to tackle the supercarriers. At the same time, Unspoken Alliance and its allies organized more dreadnoughts to bring to the fight, dropping a whole new squadron on the supercarriers. With the number of dreadnoughts on the field, Unspoken Alliance was able to destroy one of the Brute Force Solutions force auxiliaries before focusing on one of the supercarriers.

The Rattlesnake fleet in the meanwhile was busy killing the Brute Force Solution support and fighters, slowly reducing the damage output of the alliance. Brute Force Solutions focused its attention on the hostile dreadnoughts, bringing them one after the other, though losing support ships and fighters all the while.

With its logistics wing halved, the first Nyx for Brute Force Solutions finally went down. After its destruction, Unspoken Alliance targeted the other force auxiliary, destroying it as well before turning its attention to the combat carriers. Brute Force Solutions at this point realized that it was losing and changed its focus to the interdictors and heavy interdictors of Unspoken Alliance to free its supercarriers if not the entire fleet.

Unspoken Alliance lost many interdictors and a few heavy interdictors in the fight, which in turn allowed two of the Brute Force Solutions supercarriers to break free and jump out of the system to an emergency cynosural beacon. Yet, the last remaining Nyx wasn’t as lucky as the other supers. After Unspoken Alliance dispatched the combat carriers, it turned its attention to the Nyx. The supercarrier came under fire from the remaining dreadnoughts, and the Rattlesnakes, which subsequently destroyed it. An allied Apostle force auxiliary rushed over to try to help the stricken ship but was also dispatched by the defending forces.

With the ship destroyed, Brute Force Solutions realized further fighting would be futile and withdrew its remaining ships, allowing Unspoken Alliance to claim the field. With the field under its control, Unspoken Alliance looted what it could while destroying abandoned fighters. Once it cleared the field, it left, bringing the fighting to a close.

In all the commotion, the Fortizar initiated its self repair cycle and restore its shields, thus securing the strategic objective for Unspoken Alliance as well.

The battle from the perspective of the Unspoken Alliance fleet


Battle report for the A-80UA system can be found here.

All told the battle lasted 48 minutes with Time Dilation not reported and the system hosting an estimated 100 pilots.

Brute Force Solutions lost 55 ships in the fighting including 2 supercarriers, 3 force auxiliaries, 2 dreadnoughts, 7 combat carriers and 11 cruisers for a total of 91.17 billion ISK damage.
Unspoken Alliance lost 18 ships in the fighting including 1 force auxiliary and 8 dreadnoughts for a total of 30.76 billion ISK damage.


Featured image credit: Razorien