Gukarla system, Metropolis region. On the 26th of July at 16:15 EVE Standard Time, Snuffed Out [B B C] and Siege Green. [SGGRN] supported by Shadow Cartel [SHDWC] clashed in the system.

The battle was fought over a valuable moon in the system. Siege Green had contested the moon from Snuffed Out, destroying its Athanor refinery there and anchoring its own. With the structure set to online, thus becoming vulnerable for a brief window of time, both sides prepared to either defend or destroy it.

Snuffed Out formed a 100 pilot Machariel battleship fleet which included some force auxiliaries and three squads of dreadnoughts. The alliance bridged into the system its subcapital force with a couple of force auxiliaries on the local station. The fleet warped to the structure and set up on it. With the structure exiting its anchoring stage and attempting to online, it became vulnerable. Snuffed Out began opening fire and slowly whittling down its hull.

Siege Green and Shadow Cartel formed a 100 pilot fleet of their own with Apocalypse Navy Issue battleships and Machariels. They also had a few force auxiliaries and three squads of dreadnoughts and combat carriers, equipped for long-range. The fleet bridged into the system as well, landing its subcapital force with two force auxiliaries on a friendly citadel of its own. Once present, the fleet warped to the Snuffed Out force, landed, anchored up and opened fire.

The two fleets started to brawl on the stricken structure, autocannons and pulse laser batteries exchanging fire. However, neither side was able to break the armor tank of the other as each side’s force auxiliaries were repairing the damage faster than it could be applied. For a few minutes, the battle was simply a stalemate as each side tried in vain to find a weak link in the other’s fleet.

Finally, Snuffed Out decided to escalate things. It lit a cynosural beacon on the field and let through three dreadnoughts. The dreadnoughts set to work, entering siege cycles and targeting the battleships of Siege Green\Shadow Cartel. The hope was that with the added damage of the dreadnoughts, the stalemate could be broken. Siege Green and Shadow Cartel didn’t panic and started applying energy neutralizers to the two Revelation dreadnoughts, quickly draining their capacitors and shutting them down. The third dreadnought, a Phoenix, became a target for the subcapital fleet which managed to bring it down without too much problem.

The Siege Green\Shadow Cartel force auxiliaries managed, for the most part, to cope with the added damage and continued to do their best to keep the fleet alive, failing only to save a couple of ships. Snuffed Out fleet commanders realized they’d need to target the force auxiliaries to truly change the flow of the battle. For that they’d need a lot more firepower. Thus, they chose eight dreadnoughts to jump through the still lit cynosural beacon. The new arrivals entered their siege cycles and opened fire on Siege Green\Shadow Cartel’s force auxiliaries.

At this point, Siege Green and Shadow Cartel decided to escalate matters. Lighting a cynosural beacon 70 kilometers from the developing mêlée, they brought their dreadnoughts and combat carriers through. These dreadnoughts targeted their hostile counterparts, firing upon them while the combat carriers let loose their fighter squadrons and added them to the mix.

Seeing this, Snuffed Out decided to take things even further. It had staged super capitals in range of the system for just such an occasion. The word was given and 20 titans, 7 supercarriers and a whole squad of supporting force auxiliaries logged in. Once in the game, the pilots joined the fleet and jumped to the still blazing cynosural beacon, landing in the midst of the battlefield. The remainder of the Snuffed Out dreadnoughts joined them. All told Snuffed Out ranks swelled to 150 pilots.

The titans targeted the hostile dreadnoughts, cycling doomsday weapons and letting loose fire. Supercarriers sent droves of fighter-bombers to inflict more damage. The Snuffed Out dreadnoughts fired as well on their hostile counterparts. With all this firepower, Siege Green and Shadow Cartel were losing several dreadnoughts with each passing minute.

Outgunned and outnumbered, Siege Green and Shadow Cartel kept fighting. They returned fire, their dreadnoughts bringing down a few of Snuffed Out but losing far more in return. The subcapitals, in the meantime, focused on destroying fighter-bombers thus alleviating some of the pressure on their capital ships. Spotting a Ragnarok titan in the Snuffed Out super capital mix, the two alliances sought to perhaps get a titan kill.

Ragnarok titans are traditionally fitted with a shield tank, leaving them a small armor buffer which Siege Green and Shadow Cartel hoped to power through even with the number of Snuffed Out force auxiliaries present. So long as enough damage bleeds into the ship’s structure through remote armor repair cycles, it could be destroyed. The remaining dreadnoughts focused their entire firepower on the ship only to find out that it had been fit for armor tank. Thus, they were unable to apply enough damage to break through its tank, their firepower dwindling by the minute.

With losses mounting, Siege Green and Shadow Cartel decided to retreat. The subcapital fleet aligned out while the capital ships cycled down their triage and siege modules to either warp off or jump out. Realizing this, Snuffed Out surged in to try to tackle as many ships as possible. Some of Siege Green and Shadow Cartel’s capital ships made it out, as well as the vast majority of the battleship fleet. However, most of the remaining capital ships were tackled by Snuffed Out and dispatched without ceremony.

With the grid under their control, Snuffed Out forces looted the field before extracting their capitals and super capitals. During the fighting, the alliance destroyed the Athanor and anchored one to replace it. With the structure dropped, Snuffed Out secured both the objective and victory on the battlefield and extracted its remaining ships. Thus the battle came to a close.

The battle from the perspective of the Snuffed Out fleet

Battle report for the Gukarla system can be found here.

All told the battle 18 minutes with Time Dilation not reported and the system hosting 250 pilots at the peak of the fighting.

Siege Green and Shadow Cartel lost a combined 39 ships including 24 dreadnoughts, 5 force auxiliaries, 3 combat carriers and 2 battleships for a total of 85.34 billion ISK damage.
Snuffed Out lost 7 ships, 6 of which were dreadnoughts for a total of 18.7 billion ISK damage.


Featured image credit: Razorien