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NER News at 7 o’clock. This is Marsha Mallow. Good evening.

  • Shadow Cartel Keepstar destroyed in Aeschee Friday 27th
  • Red Alliance dreadbombs Dream Fleet in P7-45V Friday 27th
  • Waffles Keepstar destroyed in Kinakka Saturday 28th
  • Blade of Grass deploy a Keepstar in 16AM-3 Sunday 29th


Shadow Cartel‘s Aeschee Keepstar was destroyed by Imperium forces at 01.12 UTC on Friday 27th. The defenders did not mass form to contest the structure destruction, which was reinforced by long-term rivals, Snuffed Out. The Keepstar was actively gunned by Paquito, who managed to score on over 300 killmails.

With around 2000 attackers and assorted lowsec entities, players in system reported that although fighters were occasionally unresponsive and some people suffered from disconnects, the node remained reasonably stable for the op. Whilst some Northern Allies attended the system to skirmish with Imperium and GalMil forces, Shadow Cartel allies such as NCdot did not form up to aid in defense of the massive structure.

As previously reported, Shadow Cartel have restaged to Auga, Heimatar. An NER report for the battle by CaseyLP is here and an NER stream here.

ItsmeHcK1, Shadow Cartel alliance executor, thanked all for attending and screeched ‘RIP sweet prince!’ to commemorate the lost Keepstar.


Dream Fleet (a former member of Red Menace Coalition) based in the south-west has recently disbanded and reformed, following a reset by other coalition members. On Friday 27th, Red Alliance attacked a Dream Fleet Keepstar in P7-45V which was reportedly on its final timer. An RA titan was tackled on the Keepstar, prompting Dream Fleet to drop supers. RA retaliated with a dreadbomb fleet, and other forces including Snuffed Out jumped in to assist. There are several battle reports for this fight and it is unclear which is accurate. In total, 350b ISK was destroyed on the field, and we would welcome a summary of the fight and an updated battle report.

Update from JohnWildkins below:

Final timer on Dream Fleet keepstar. RA side included Red Alliance + RMC (Midas 22, RED Uni, CRTOM), Siberian Squads, Ranger Regiment, Bright Side of Death, White Sky, and GARDEN (CENTI / WORMS). DRF side included DREAM FLEET., Snuffed Out, Scourge., Prothean Alliance, and LowSechnaya Sholupen.

Battle was initially joined by RA long-range titans and a small FAX group, sitting at max range off the keepstar. Word came in of a combined Snuffed + DRF dreadbomb, and the order was given for titans to warp off, but not before one was caught by dictors. DRF warped their titans down prematurely, and the RA titan managed to escape and jump out, leaving the DRF titans bubbled for the RA dreadbomb.

RA dreadbomb lands, starts to haze the DRF Ragnarok, getting it to low shield before the DRF + Snuffed dreadbomb lands. RA continues to fire and kills the Ragnarok, while RA/GOTG subs come in and engage the dreads – however RA dreads are easily wiped out by the larger DRF/Snuff dread force. During the meatgrinder the Keepstar repairs to full, and RA/GOTG takes control of the grid below the Keep briefly to wipe up dreads before extracting.

Should just about cover it, you’ll forgive it if it’s a little spotty because I am a USTZ dude that alarm-clocked for it.

edit: accurate BR sides (or should be anyway):

Thank you John (both for the update and for alarm clocking it) – original post here

*This news item is particularly shaky; assistance would be appreciated.


On Saturday 28th at 17.35 UTC the Waffles Keepstar in Kinakka, Black Rise, was destroyed by Imperium forces. This structure was owned by Sniggwaffe, although at the time of death was held by an alt corp. As with the Shadow Cartel Keepstar, the attackers formed around 2000 players and the structure was destroyed uncontested. The owning corporation no longer stage from this system and Pandemic Legion continue to own other strategic Keepstars in lowsec.

On Sunday 29th July Blades of Grass anchored a Keepstar in 16AM-3, Tenerifis. The newly anchored Keepstar was reported to be finishing its anchoring timer today at 13.00 UTC and appears to have successfully been deployed.
This article originally stated that:
‘On Sunday 29th July Blades of Grass anchored a Keepstar in 16AM-3, Tenerifis. NER reporter and TEST FC* Seddow confirms that this is the Fraternity Keepstar originally anchored in EIH-IU, Wicked Creek. The newly anchored Keepstar was reported to be finishing its anchoring timer today at 13.00 UTC and appears to have successfully been deployed.
The structure has now been transferred back to Fraternity according to our source, although he has questioned the effectiveness of the location. This system has limited range, whereas T2-V8F is in capital jump range of UALX-3 and has a regional jump gate to Feythabolis. We expect a redeployment announcement from Fraternity – and potentially other allied groups – to 16AM-3 shortly and will keep you updated if this is announced.’
Following feedback from BasilVulpine here, this has been amended. Feel free to post further updates and we will amend as we go along.
We also asked for feedback on the RA vs DRF (not that DRF, the other one) battle, which was kindly provided by JohnWildkins here and updated into the article.

For now, that’s how it is in New Eden. Good night.

If there are inaccuracies in any of the above, please let me know so that they can be fixed.

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