The first round of the Alliance Tournament took place last weekend. My introduction to ATXVI can be found here.

Prior to the beginning of the tournament CCP Fozzie announced the withdrawal of several alliances which would have a knock on effect on the match schedule.   

The stream was hosted by plus10gaming though only the matches from the PE1-R1 system are currently available to watch on Twitch. Click here for Day 1 and here for Day 2.

The graphs below highlight some of the statistics shown on the stream which provide an early indication of the type of fleet compositions we have seen so far.

Due to the nature of the schedule and the results of early matches, the second weekend has some interesting fights to come. One of these will be Pandemic Legion v Northern Coalition.; long-term allies with experienced tournament teams.

As part of this weekend’s activities, a prize competition was created by plus10gaming allowing the players to place their bets on a teams victory for a chance to win PLEX, sponsored by CCP. This used to be the norm when player-run EVE gambling sites existed, such as EVE-Bet, prior to their removal by CCP. This is a welcome feature, as it allows the spectators to get involved in the action other than just watching the stream.

There have been a number of expensive loss mails already occur during the opening weekend, most notably the flagship Leshak from Phage and Terror who were eliminated from the tournament. One thing is certain that if an alliance loses its flagship, not only is it destroyed on Tranquility, the team will be at a severe disadvantage compared to their opponents in subsequent matches.

Which matches are you looking forward to in the following weekend? Who do you think this year’s winner will be? Let us know in the comments or come find us on our discord and remember, if you want to be at the finals party you can get your tickets here.