NER News at 7 o’clock. This is Hugh Caswakk. Good evening.

An NCdot Keepstar has been reinforced in X47L-Q, Pure Blind.

Northern forces suffered a string of setbacks in a series of running battles with the Imperium, yesterday.

Tenerifis Coalition set on the destruction of Legacy Moreau Fortizar in NZW-ZO.

CalMil/CO2 push back GalMil, IRON et al. in Fade brawl.


In a long-running action in the early hours of this morning, an Imperium fleet reinforced the shield of the NCdot staging Keepstar in the system of X47L-Q, Pure Blind. Unlike previously destroyed Keepstars in Aeschee and Kinakka, this structure is in constant and strategic use. Its destruction would be a substantial blow to northern efforts against the Imperium in the Pure Blind/Fade theatre.

Knowing this, when NCdot heard of an Imperium Baltec fleet attacking X47, they tasked a Cerberus fleet (previously en-route to attack Imperium structures) to drive them off. The Imperium responded by dropping titans, and then supercarriers. NCdot did form up supercapitals but made the decision to stand down in the face of numbers inferiority. However, the action was hard fought by subcapital fleets on both sides.

Killah Bee, NCdot senior fleet commander said this when approached for comment:

“Initial reinforce is always prett irrelevant. What matters is what happens tomorroe.” [sic]

The final toll stands at 68.32bn lost by the Northern Bloc (with Eastern Ally support) vs 77.42bn lost by the Imperium.


With thanks to u/EveAsher for the comprehensive AAR

Yesterday saw multiple Imperium victories on the northern front. Firstly, French ConneXion’s staging fortizar was put into final reinforce by an Imperium supercapital force. Imperium Strategic Military Director Asher Elias reports that the alliance is evacuating to a friendly keepstar in 7X-VKB. French ConneXion are commonly seen as one of the most effective Northern Bloc proxies, making this a set back for the north.

Second, a combined Northern Bloc Ferox fleet – headed by NCdot and Pandemic Horde – clashed with Imperium Baltecs, Ishtars and Feroxes from 1515 to 1736 EVE in the system of E-Z2ZX, Pure Blind. This reportedly happened due to an Imperium reinforcement effort against the iHub in system. It appears that the Northern Bloc suffered disproportionately because they fled to a CO2 Athanor – which had improper permissions, not permitting friendly alliances to tether on it. The toll stands at 11.04bn lost by the Northern Bloc vs 5.18bn lost by the Imperium.

Thirdly, Snuffed Out baited Northern Bloc forces with a titan in Kinakka around 2200 through to 2238. A Northern Bloc fleet, headed by NCdot in Machariels, went to engage. They then suffered substantial losses as the Imperium brought in titans backed up by a dreadbomb and subcaps. The titan was not killed, leaving the final toll at 7.53bn lost by the Imperium vs 29.75bn lost by the Northern Bloc.

Lastly, a small Imperium Ishtar fleet went into DW-T2I, killed a number of bubbles and stole a CO2 cynojammer at around 0100 this morning. This was opposed by a Dead Coalition and NCdot fleet. The defensive effort failed to inflict substantial losses, leaving the final toll at 563m lost by the Imperium vs 7.75bn lost by the Northern Bloc.


The system of NZW-ZO is deep into Eastern Ally held Tenerifis, yet it plays host to a Legacy fortizar, a hold over from the station swap. It is understood that the TEST corp Star Frontiers has been waging a campaign against the Tenerifis local groups, in part using NZW-ZO to stage.

Tenerifis locals, with WinterCo support, have previously attempted to remove the structure. The most recent attempt, early last Sunday, left 7.74bn ISK worth of EA ships dead vs just 276.97m ISK of Legacy vessels down.

A high-ranking member of the Tenerifis Coalition military command team commented that:

“Those forts are just downright nasty bitches.”

However, yesterday around 12:40, a small group of Eastern Ally carriers successfully reinforced the fortizar into armour, without resistance. Tomorrow will be the armour timer. If the structure is successfully destroyed, it may permit greater Tenerifis Coalition efforts in the wider war.


This news item was written by a member of GalMil who wishes to remain anonymous. NER was first alerted to it by a tip from a source in CalMil.

FEDUP called a CTA for the defense of their Astrahus in 0-ARFO, a dead-end system in C02 space.

We formed up Ishtars and Guardians for the fight. However on our way there, we received word of heavy fighting happening in X47, so we made our way there believing all Northern forces to be occupied.

We did not, however, expect Calmil to come up to Nullsec. When they were reported several jumps out from the system, we burned back from X47 as quick as possible. We beat them to the system, and we made a blockade around the C-O gate in YKS.

The fight began there, and we engaged Calmil Gilas, at first it was a stalemate, and neither of us were able to break each other. Eventually Calmil were able to break a Guardian and from there it was a cascading effect.

During this time, Iron Armada as well as Violente Fortuna reinforced us with a Cerberus and a Ferox fleet respectively and a small Ferox gang from Circle of Two reinforced Calmil.

C02 Feroxes went down fairly easily, but even under the pressure from our three fleets, we were not able to break Calmil’s superior Logi wing. With our Astrahus being repaired, we decided to withdraw, as well as the other three fleets as we were all suffering heavy losses.

The toll stands at 397.39m lost by CalMil, 681.8m lost by CO2, and 5.22n lost by GalMil/Iron/Violente Fortuna et al.

For now, that’s how it is in New Eden. Goodnight.